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Copyright of the BELGIUM-ROOTS Project

Basic rules

See the Acceptable Use Policy of Rootsweb. The rules on this page do complement this AUP rules.

The contents of the individual pages of this web site are the responsibility of the submitter or maintainer whose name and e-mail address is listed at the bottom of each page. The submitter or maintainer must make certain that no copyrights are infringed.

Re-use of the Site content

A researcher may use any part of the BELGIUM-ROOTS material on his or her web site that is relevant to his own research, provided due credit is given to BELGIUM-ROOTS and the submitter or maintainer of the page.

When a researcher places an extract from BELGIUM-ROOTS on his or her web site, he or she must create a link between the extracted material and the relevant page of the BELGIUM-ROOTS web site.

Consequences of these rules


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Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) of our Host provider ROOTSWEB

Extract of the page at URL:

RootsWeb Resources may not be resold. No RootsWeb facilities for example, Web sites, mailing lists, and message boards may be resold. Public domain content on RootsWeb may not be harvested for commercial or other use, other than as would have been permitted by the Fair Use provisions of American copyright law if the material had been copyrighted. Material written and posted by an individual may not be harvested for commercial or other use, except with the permission of that individual or as permitted by Fair Use. Web sites housed at RootsWeb may not be framed to appear as if originating at on another server.

Privacy statement of Worldconnect

When using the Worldconnect system, to display your GEDCOM data, you can determine how to protect the privacy of the living persons.

When visiting the Worldconnect system, you can encouter data about yourself. You can ask the submitter of those data to remove them, following these guidelines.

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Some resources on copyright issues ...

The April 1999 issue of the IIGS Newsletter
... In a coordinated effort with the US Internet Genealogical Society (USIGS) and the Brown Family Genealogical Society, IIGS Newsletter focuses on issues such as copyright infringement and plagiarism and the need to develop standards and guidelines for responsible on-line genealogy.

Mike Goad's U.S. Copyright and Genealogy

Cyndi's List - Copyright Issues

WorldGenWeb - Link, Logo, Copyrights and ownership ...

Press Copyrights In Belgium (Dutch & French) (NEW 2002.02.21)
We don't agree with them concerning the legal use of deep links. They do consider them as forbidden, we do consider that a fair use of deep links is acceptable.

Internet Sources for Copyright Information by Kevin L. Sholder

U.S. Copyright and Genealogy by Michael Goad
Copyright "Facts" (01 July 2003)
and the most important in genealogy, related to this topic: Copyright and Plagiarism: What's the Difference? (28 July 2002)
US Copyright Table

Belgian Copyright: a link page to PDF files with the official texts (Dutch only)
compiled by Johan Vansteen

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The information on this page was submitted until 14 July 2004 by Georges Picavet, Judith Cartisano, Luc Mattthijs, ,
Proofreading English on this page was been done not yet by Judith Cartisano
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This web site is the collective work of the subscribers to the mail list BELGIUM-ROOTS-L founded June 1998 by Georges Picavet (see our members page and the copyrights page for more info)
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