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How to search the correct place to find records
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Belgian Place names

Finding the correct Belgian place name where to lookup for records

When you are looking for records from before 1 January 1977, you will have to search under the original municipality. When you are looking for records before 1795, you won't find civil records but only parish records. These parish registers where transferred to the municipality in 1795. So don't write to the parish: they don't have registers from before 1795 (and those after 1795 doens't have a legal status).

If your ancestor is born in Verrebroek in 1880, you will have to look in the records of Verrebroek. Since they have been filmed by the LDS, you can easily gain access to them at the FHC.

If your ancestor was born in Verrebroek in 1899, a year which is not yet accessible on film, you could write to the Municipality of Verrebroek. I know, and you know now, that that municipality no longer exists, but there is still an administrative center which will convey your letter to the municipality in Beveren. If you want to avoid this detour, write directly to Beveren.

You are looking for records from Eke. Use our search engine to find pages on our site wite "eke". You will find some files. Click on the one with the header "Places in Belgium". This file will give you following information:

   Place Name:                     Eke
   Postal (ZIP) code:              9810
   Other Name(s):
   Municipality:                   Nazareth
   Administrative District:        See: Nazareth
   Judicial District:              See: Nazareth
   Official Language:              See: Nazareth
   Telephone Code(s):
   Province:                       Oost-Vlaanderen
The names that are clickable, do have their own page on our site

The list of all Belgian municipalities, from 1831 with their territorial changes, can be found on the VVF-G&C site

If you are looking for the film numbers at the FHC, you need to know in which province Eke is situated: you have that information here.

You could decide to write to Eke. The ZIP-code is there, but Eke obviously now is part of the municipality of Nazareth, and it would be more convenient to write there. So, let's see what we have on this municipality:

 Place Name:                     Nazareth
   Postal (ZIP) code:              9810
   Other Name(s):
   Municipality:                   Nazareth
   Administrative District:        Gent
   Judicial District:              Gent
   Official Language:              N
   Telephone Code(s):              09
   Province:                       Oost-Vlaanderen

Now, we can write to the municipality of Nazareth. What is important is the ZIP-code, and of course also the official language. N indicates Nederlands, Dutch, F stands for francais, French, D is Deutsch, German. X indicates that the place is bi-lingual Dutch and French.

The administrative district and the judicial district are of little value to you right now. This information can be handy if you are reading records, or if you want to find some specific type of records.

You can also look at list of Belgian postal codes. This list is arranged by ZIP code, and is useful to find rapidly the former municipalities, that belong now to the same municipality. You will also find on all lists the INS-NIS code, given by the Belgian Federal Statistical Institute to each municipality. This number of five figures changes less than the ZIP code. The first figure is the provincial code, the second the districts code and the 3 last the municipal code.

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