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Belgian Emigrants Abroad and Their Descendants

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A cordial WELCOME to the web site of the BELGIUM-ROOTS Project!

The purpose of this project is to give the descendants of Belgian emigrants/immigrants assistance in their search for their Belgian heritage.

The project was started in July 1995, when Georges PICAVET began using the Internet to do research on the emigration from a specific area in Belgium to the United States. Because of the large number of inquiries he received from American researchers, in July 1997 he created a web site that grew into a handbook for Belgian descendants abroad doing research on their families' origination from Belgium (see

In June 1998 a mail-list was created under the name of BELGIUM-ROOTS-L, as a discussion forum for anyone having a genuine interest in the genealogy and history of the emigrants/immigrants from Belgium and their families.

In March 1999, a second mail-list was created under the name of BELGIUM-COMMUNITIES-L to allow for conversation about political topics which might be too sensitive for discussion on BELGIUM-ROOTS-L.

The information on Georges' web site was gradually transferred to the site you are now visiting, which is maintained by Luc MATTHIJS. That migration was completed by mid April 1999 and our site structure was in place by mid August 1999 (see BELGIUM-ROOTS Site Map). However, this site will be permanently "under construction", thanks to the submissions of our list members.

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Mission Statement

BELGIUM-ROOTS was created in July 1995 for the purpose of assisting the descendants of Belgian emigrants/immigrants living abroad in tracing their Belgian roots and exploring their Belgian heritage. Participation is free of any charge. There are no direct or indirect obligations, financial or otherwise, except for the total and unconditional respect for the personalities and the opinions of all participants.

Georges Picavet

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A tribute

RootsWeb, the host of the BELGIUM-ROOTS Project, was founded in 1996 by Dr. Brian Leverich and Karen Isaacson. Due to their foresight, expertise and financial contributions, we're all able to enjoy one or many of the mail-lists and web offerings which reside at RootsWeb.

We are fortunate, indeed, to have at our disposal all these resources dedicated to genealogy. To find out more about what else is available, explore the RootsWeb site at

Rootsweb is now funded by, a division of Inc. and the philosophy of Rootsweb hasn't changed.

Your contributions added to that of many others and to those on this site can help sustain and nourish this wonderful resource.

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Structure of the Project

The documentation of the BELGIUM-ROOTS project has been structured around the following points

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Project Targets

Not yet ready.

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Proofreading English on this page was been done not yet by Judith Cartisano
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This web site is the collective work of the subscribers to the mail list BELGIUM-ROOTS-L founded June 1998 by Georges Picavet (see our members page and the copyrights page for more info)
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