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These pages will list all the books and/or articles that are available for lookup by one of our members and/or are documented at a location in this site. The references are listed by outline item, author and title (no other bibliographic detail). Each item will have his own page (not yet realised for all items). And we will include on that page all basic bibliographic details (if available), as publisher, ISBN, the language, an abstract (if available), the keywords and the possible lookups. And also add an index of surnames, ... if possible and relevant. That all within the copyright rules.

When you click on the title you will be linked to a bibliographic page within this site, wiich may contain additional bibliographic data, a Surname index and/or TOC. By clicking on author name (or publisher) you will be linked to her/his home page (if available). There you will find his/her current e-mail address (if available). When you click on the name of a lookup volunteer, you will be directed you to his/her volunteer page within this site.

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How do you ask for a lookup ?

Post a mail to our mail list BELGIUM-ROOTS-L (preferred because other members could be also interested), directly to the volunteer, or follow the specific rules, if mentioned on the relevant web page(s).

Supply your name, address(es), and date of request. Make your request as specific and clear as possible by listing any pertinent data -- time frames, names, places, etc.,

A volunteer may have several requests ahead of yours. While it is possible that a volunteer could respond within a few days, please be patient and allow two (2) weeks for your request to be answered. There could be many requests ahead of yours, and volunteers have a life, too. Repeated requests will result in the volunteer declining to process your request.

Please do not address more than one volunteer per each type of lookup. You would not wish to be treated in such a fashion. Multiple requests for the same material will result in all your requests being declined.

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List of available Books

It's possible that some volunteers may be unable to process requests for a period of time. When that's the case, the name of the unavailable volunteer will be flagged on this page (and on the Section Map) with "available at a later date". Remember that everyone is a volunteer.
Don't forget to let the volunteers know what results you obtained from their lookups for you.

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