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Our BELGIUM-ROOTS-L mail list is the core of the project.
All individual queries to
will redirected to this mail list, if appropriate. We advize that you post your queries on that list.
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Short version of the Mail List Guidelines

Frequency of queries

Post your query regularly, perhaps once a month, if you have not yet
received a satisfying reply.
Somebody may not have noticed your query the previous time, or has
in the meantime come across that piece of information you badly need,
or a new subscriber has joined and may have the info you need.

Try a more attractive subject line (see below), or rephrase your question.

The address

Send your messages to
You don't have to mail a copy to me, since I am subscribed to the list
and will be receiving your message.

The Subject Line

Many readers will only look at the subject line to decide if the message
is of interest to them. Therefore the construction of a good Subject line
is worthy of your attention. If you are writing about people, do include
their family name (surname), possibly a place of origin, and the place
of settlement, and a time frame. E.g.:

Subject:DEFNET, Belgium > Wisconsin, 1850s

Subject:DEFNET, Grez-Doiceau, Belgium > Door Co., WI, 1850s

One reader may be interested in the family name (surname),
another in Grez-Doiceau, and yet a third one in Door County.
The time frame generally is important for all three of them.

Notice that family names (surnames) are always written in UPPERCASE.

If your topic is a place name, put it in the Subject line, along with a
specification of what you'd like to know about that place. E.g.

Subject:Verrebroek, Belgium, church records 1500s

Subject:Belgian Club, Superior, WI, 1900s

The Body

Accuracy is important and sources are vital. Ancestor lists are worthless
if the information is wrong. All information need not be accompanied by
source citations, but I do recommend strongly that posts either include
sources or a note stating that they are available on request.

If information is speculation then label it as such until it is proven or commonly
accepted as fact.

When posting your query try to give as much information as you know, i.e.,
full names, dates and places of all vital events if known, along with enough
other family members so that the reader can positively identify if they are
researching the same family. "Anyone out there researching
John DOE?" just don't cut it.

Full names: Vitalis Merckx called Dallas Marckx in the USA Events, Dates, Places:born 1867 Belgium, probably Beveren emigrated:date unknown naturalized 1897, St. Joseph County, MN diedEnumclaw, WA, 27 mar 1925 Facts:worked at Republic Mine, Republic, MI became a farmer in Washington
It is obvious that you will not know everything, otherwise you would probably not be asking questions, but as soon as you will give what you have, people will feel more comfortable to share with you.

The signature file

Some people, like me, have problems talking to numbers, such as
Mr. Or is that Mrs. Miss? Why not include your full name
and the state or possibly the address where you are residing?

Limit your signature block to maximum five lines. Anything in excess of that is
ballast to the system, and annoys the reader.

My signature contains my full address, telephone number, e-mail address,
and URL, and has "only" four lines:

It is strongly suggested _not_ to include a full list of all the names you are
researching. This will irritate people, especially when they are searching
the archives (see: finding old messages)

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Guidelines for other lists, that could be read:

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