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Outline related to the content and design of this site, hosted on a virtual server, and his secundary domain names.
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This web site is dedicated to all descendants of Belgian immigrants, in any country of the world, doing research on their Belgian heritage.

Key words:

On this site will be stored any information that researchers wish to make available to their fellow-researchers.

We explain on this page:
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Structure of the site

The contents of this web site is mainly organized on basis of the geographical origin of the information. If you need to know which languages are spoken in Belgium, you will have to look under the heading Belgium; if you need to know more about the demographics of Flanders in the 18th century, you will have to look up Flanders, and if the sources available for Tournai are of interest to you, you will have to look under Tournai.

Go to the search page, if you want to search for any word on any page of the site.

For every geographical unit (country, community, region, province, arrondissement, county, city, municipality, township, ...) an identical outline has been adopted. Since the construction of this web site is an ongoing process, not all topics have been documented yet. And only geographical units with specific data present, do have a page.

To help you find the pages of interest, a detailed site map has been created.

This site is archived from 07 October 1999 until 27 September 2001 and from ... on by the WayBackMachine of the Internet Archive.

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Site Map

The Global Site Map lists the main items of the Site Outline (mainly levels 1 and 2). For each item, on this page, with the word "SITEMAP:", we have made a Section Map, which can be reached by clicking on the link.

On the same line you can find the names of the Support Team (ST) member and the Proofreaders-English (PR) volunteer assigned to the group of pages listed on that Section Map. It's possible that one or more pages in the group has additional ST and/or PR volunteers. These names are not clickable.

Also listed is the creation New item or last update Updated item date of the Section Map.

A major update is planned and/or the content of a section is incomplete when marked with the icon Working on it

The status of the "proofreading English" is (or will be) shown on the Site Maps with the icons Proofreading English TO DO (= not yet done) or This page is been proofread (= done) or nothing (= not yet done).

Send a mail to Luc Matthijs if you want to be a proofreader or support a part of the site as ST, for a task that's marked as free (OR currently assigned to Georges Picavet or Luc Matthijs). We will discuss with you the specific context of the task. If we all agree, it's yours.

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Domain names

The following URL are virtual names, more or less used in the context of this Project:

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You can go to:

In this context you can also read the following pages:

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Search Help

Help with this topic can be obtained from the Support Team Member Luc Matthijs
The information on this page was submitted until 16 June 2002 by Georges Picavet, Luc Matthijs, , ,
Proofreading English on this page was been done not yet by Judith Cartisano
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This web site is the collective work of the subscribers to the mail list BELGIUM-ROOTS-L founded June 1998 by Georges Picavet (see our members page and the copyrights page for more info)
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