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30 April 2003/04 May 2003
Technical update of some pages
Chronology: links about time & history added
Brussels: link to the Civil registration Office added
Wisconsin: links added
22/29 April 2003
Technical update of some pages
Applied "HTML 4.01 Transitional" to all HTML pages - resulted in a somewhat smaller font
15/16 April 2003
Province Hainaut (external links added)
Municipality Strepy-Bracquegnieq: Civil Registration 1898 - index Birth records submitted by Gene Jenkins
Municipality Strepy-Bracquegnieq: Civil Registration 1899 - index Birth records submitted by Gene Jenkins
Municipality Strepy-Bracquegnieq: Civil Registration 1900 - index Birth records submitted by Gene Jenkins (16 Apr 2003)
Belgian Civil Registers (internal links to previous files added)
09-19 July 2002
Upload of the re-structured Belgian Emigrant Families section. For a in depth review, start with the Section Map. For a quick look, go to Belgian Emigrant Families and Belgium-Roots Emigrant Roll Call.
Looking for your submitted roll call data ? Enter your (old) email address in two parts (replacing the "@" with a space) and the words "roll call" in the Picosearch box at one of both pages.
Wrong implementation of the Immigration section corrected (they where missing except the "Ports of Entry"). Found when adding the following item:
Reference to the St Albans Lists added (posting of Gene Jenkins on the mail list)
Activiation of the What's New and What's To Do pages, altough the last will remain incomplete for some days/weeks.
Ship manifest Charlemagne (17 October 1850) by Sue Yamtich
U.S. Federal Census 1920: Bates County (Missouri) by Gene Jenkins
U.S. Federal Census 1920: Saginaw County (Michigan) by Gene Jenkins
U.S. Federal Census 1920: Cherokee County (Kansas) (5 pages) by Gene Jenkins
and 12 other counties, also by Gene Jenkins, listed at US Census 1920 for in total 1787 persons, included 613 born in Belgium.
09 July 2002
Technical update of all pages is now uploaded (09 July 2002)
14 June 2002
Technical update of all (+1450) web pages is finished, but not uploaded due to the maintenance of the Rootsweb servers
Search engine GOOGLE enhanced with partial searches
Replaced the FRAMES pages with a menu box on each page (top & bottom) and code added so that the pages of this site can't be used "inline" of an external site with frames
Main Search page updated with the official search boxes of Rootsweb
All pages updated with the new logo of our host Rootsweb, and the end of all pages adapted.
Structure of the site changed (Migration, Project section, )
Some pages updated with external links
Place names added on several Belgian locality pages
April - May 2002
I've not been able to do much, due to some personal events
10 April 2002
Technical update of the Home & Read me pages (content swapped)
Search engine GOOGLE added (with option of global search)
August 2001 - 09 April 2002
NO update of the site due to specific circonstances.

Luc Matthijs

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