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OK = READY = OK except for proofreading (page uploaded)
P0 = READY = OK except for validation before upload
P1 = NOW = probably within one week
P2 = ASAP = probably within one month
P3 = NORMAL = probably within three months
P9 = POSTPONED = awaits reception of contribution, etc ...

Current lists

This list will be complete when the backlog has been reviewed.

Provisional list

TODO next (content)
Update of the "Roll Call" pages
Upload of submitted content (see the todo page for the full list - update started but not completed!)
Read Me pages in English, Dutch, French and German
Selection of the BELGIUM-ROOTS Logo (Aug 2002 ?)
TODO next (technical)
Refining of the search engine partitions (number and/or area)
Review the left aligning of the text on some pages
Review the items of the "Menu box"
Review the items of the 3rd "Menu bar" (delete on all pages except index.html)
Delete all old pages, that have been moved (31/07/2002)

Normal list

OK - 12/07/2002 - Sue Yamtich
Upload of the Passenger List Charlemagne 17/10/1850
OK - 12/07/2002 - Gene Jenkins
Upload of 15 counties with transcriptions of the US Census 1920.
Contains all postings from Gene about this topic on the list between 17/03/2002 and 12/07/2002 (ca 1787 persons listed).
Mention of the St AlLbans Lists on the Immigration outline


P1 - 01/07/2002 - Roll Call
Update the Roll Call Pages
P1 - 02/07/2002 - Picosearch
Update the list of partitions
Update the relevant pages of the site
P1 - 08/07/2002 - Site content
Review the list of submissions, not yet uploaded, and update this page
P1 - 09/07/2002 - Belgium
Submit the content of the subdivisions page to the copyright holders for approval
P1 - 12/07/2002 - Team
Add the page of Gene Jenkins
Update the page of Sue Yamtich
P1 - permanent - Site design
Check the internal broken links with LINKBOT and correct the errors.

P2 - permanent - Site design
Check the external broken links with LINKBOT and update if possible
P2 - 31/07/2002 - Site design
Delete all old pages (that have been moved) before 31/07/2002
About 500 files will be deleted !
P2 - 09/07/2002 - Site design
Review the real lay-out of all pages
Correct and/or update where needed
Add the "working" sign if needed

P3 - 01/07/2002 - Read Me pages
Submit the concrete purpose of the Read ME pages to the volunteer who will write/translate the text of this page
Purpose is to guide the vistor, interested in Belgian emigrants to neighbour countries.
P3 - 01/07/2002 - Site Logo
Prepare a logo design page, that should contain the format description, the constraints (colors, ..) and purpose.
Re-contact the original submitters of a logo
Prepare a page of submitted logos
Select the logo and put it on the site
P3 - 01/07/2002 - Ship descriptions
Create one page for each existing ship description (former chronological list of ships on the site).
Link this page to the relevant page of the Ship Line
Add more info, IF it's a Belgian Ship and/or Line
P3 - 09/07/2002 - Ship descriptions
Add links to the Ships Images pages of Ludo Van Moorleghem to the ship description pages on this site.
P3 - 09/07/2002 - Belgium - Place Names
Upload a compilation of several public lists, about municipalities who did change country, etc ...

BR pages
R+R pages
Jose pages

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The information on this page was submitted until 14 July 2002 by many, , , ,
Proofreading English on this page was been done not yet by Judith Cartisano
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This web site is the collective work of the subscribers to the mail list BELGIUM-ROOTS-L founded June 1998 by Georges Picavet (see our members page and the copyrights page for more info)
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