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Municipality Grez-Doiceau

Population Register 1830

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Census & Population Register 1830
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A census was held in 1830 within the municipalty of Grez-Doiceau. With the results a population register was created. All families where written down in the register, grouped by "section" (a cadastrial subdivision of each municipality). The next years most of the population mouvements where penciled in.


Those sections and their corresponding folios (folio = the backside of a page and the frontside of the next) where in 1830:

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The transcript is organized as the register: one web page for each page of the register. Click here for the list of all this pages.

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Explanation of the column headers (bold font and blue background on the web page):

Keep in mind that this population census of 1830 was also used to register the population mouvements (mostly written in pencil). It was only from 1847 on that population registers where held in the whole country and with the same method.

This group of pages wasn't available without the work done by Kathleen RACE (, who did the transcription from the microfilm (1,2 MB). Her initiative was very much appreciated.

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