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Municipality La Louviere (Hainaut)

Town Strepy-Bracquegnies

Birth register 1898
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Home > Belgium > Kingdom (1830-now) > Wallonia > Prov. Hainaut > Distr. Soignies > La Louvière > Strepy-Bracquegnies
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While every attempt has been made to insure the spelling of the names contained in this extraction are accurate. There is a chance that there are spelling mistakes. These extractions have been made from hand written documents. The hand writing is of various qualities and clarity.

Gene Jenkins

Municipality Strepy-Bracquegnies (1800-1976)

Birth Index 1898

001 Victor Joseph Wastiaux: born 02/01/1898; father: Joseph Wastiaux; mother: Marie Catherin Overtus
002 Florine Helenie Descamps: born 03/01/1898; father: Jean Baptiste Descamps; mother: Leocaidie Pourbais
003 Victor Wairy: born 05/01/1898; father: Joseph Desire Wairy; mother: Adele Boreyere
004 Gaston Hippolyte Portiere: born 06/01/1898; father: Jean Baptiste Portiere; mother: Maria Bonuite Manteau
005 Martha Maria Poulet: born 07/01/1898; father: Auguste Poulet; mother: Louisa Augustine Roland
006 Bertha Julie Lavire: born 08/01/1898; father: Oscar Jean Lavire; mother: Clementine Foueart
007 Alice Heloise Victoria Thoute: born 10/01/1898; father: Camille Jean Thoute; mother: Elise Josephine Daneau
008 Henri Leon Norbert Maistrian: born 10/01/1898; father: Norbert Mastrain; mother: Judith Vanleathem
009 Martha Adolphine Theraasse: born 10/01/1898; father: Victor Therasse; mother: Hortense Irma Ruelle
010 Louise Charlotte Lechien: born 10/01/1898; father: Francois Lechien; mother: Omerine Clemence Verset
011 Robert Armand Baise: born 10/01/1898; father: Francois Baise; mother: Tasia Marie Rosalie Baise
012 Paula Olympe Francoise Tecqmenne: born 11/01/1898; father: Hector Tecqmenne; mother: Josephine Alese Planchet
013 Victorine Elisa Deloy: born 15/01/1898; father: ; mother: Josephine Deloy
014 Marcel Christophe Antoine Kinard: born 19/01/1898; father: Eugine Joseph Kinard; mother: Florine Ferdinande Milon
015 Victorien Nestor Valois: born 21/01/1898; father: Desire Valois; mother: Appoline Elise Moreau
016 Felicie Emilie Adelina Mainil: born 25/01/1898; father: Camille Florain Mainil; mother: Emilia Auguste Dewigne
017 Bertha Duriau: born 26/01/1898; father: Gustave Duriau; mother: Alenie Augustine Declercq
018 Angele Angelinque Elvira Harvent: born 01/02/1898; father: Agenor Emile Philippe Harvent; mother: Marie Lenvir
019 Jules Louis Hogaus: born 02/02/1898; father: Ferdinand Horgaus; mother: Florinie Harvent
020 Alphonse Hogaus: born 02/02/1898; father: Ferdinand Horgaus; mother: Florinie Harvent
021 Melanie Dewinte: born 02/02/1898; father: Louis Dewinte; mother: Flor Melanie Finet
022 Emile Jules Outelet: born 04/02/1898; father: Arthur Outelet; mother: Zelie Mainil
023 Henri Laurent Alexandre Bostem: born 06/02/1898; father: Leon Alexandre Bostem; mother: Emma Louise Alex. Caucheteus
024 Victor Leopold Gondry: born 10/02/1898; father: Victor Gondry; mother: Aurelie Chevry
025 Jean Baptiste Francois Gauchie: born 11/02/1898; father: Jean Baptiste Auguste Gauchie; mother: Josephine Flament
026 Clara Ernestine Meyers: born 11/02/1898; father: Pierre Honvre Meyers; mother: Florentine Delwart
027 Joseph Victor Warous: born 12/02/1898; father: Leon Jean Baptiste Warous; mother: Charlotte Catherine Cambier
028 Marie Denise Courtin: born 12/02/1898; father: Achille Jean Baptiste Courtin; mother: Lyra Marie Therese Daue
029 Rosa maria Haquet: born 18/02/1898; father: Felix Haquet; mother: Anna Marie Nicaise
030 Louisa Decroyere: born 18/02/1898; father: Victor Decroyere; mother: Julielle Philomine Toussaint
031 Jules Paucot: born 21/02/1898; father: Gustave Paucot; mother: Marie Hermant
032 Joseph Coppee: born 21/02/1898; father: Domitiaus Jules Coppee; mother: Josephine Hanecart
033 Marguerite Evrard: born 24/02/1898; father: Francois Joseph Evrard; mother: Aline Josephine Deromain
034 Jules Henri Dascotte: born 25/02/1898; father: Victor Dascotte; mother: Lucie Matriou
035 Armand Joseph Duriau: born 26/02/1898; father: Joseph Duriau; mother: Apoline Louisa Marie Sebret
036 Leonie Marie Louisa Becker: born 01/03/1898; father: Thomas Becker; mother: Lousia Virginie Declercq
037 Georgeo Retowe: born 03/03/1898; father: Joseph Retowe; mother: Aline Bouyiere
038 Emile Louis Dubois: born 06/03/1898; father: Jules Dubois; mother: Ana Maria Therese Florment
039 Alice Angele Azele Richelet: born 09/03/1898; father: Arthur Alexandre Richelet; mother: Irma Desars
040 Telesphore Zarenal Masse: born 13/03/1898; father: Telesphore Nicolas Benwit Masse; mother: Rosana Bourlard
041 Edmond Norbert Ramoix: born 13/03/1898; father: Louis Jean Baptiste Ramoix; mother: Zoe Augustine Dochez
042 Joseph Coalisse: born 16/03/1898; father: Hubert Coalisse; mother: Desiree Victorine Deltenre
043 Henri Clement Finet: born 17/03/1898; father: Louis Finet; mother: Octavia Julia Cleves
044 Jules Wielemans: born 17/03/1898; father: Charles Louis Wielemans; mother: Ludivina Sitelaeck Godin
045 Palmeyre Frncoise Poulet: born 21/03/1898; father: Charles Louis Poulet; mother: Julia Dubois
046 Constant Gedeon Ruelle: born 21/03/1898; father: Edmound Koyelle; mother: Lucienne Ruelle (Married after the birth)
047 Denis Fernande Pauline Savoie: born 21/03/1898; father: Florent Alfred Savoie; mother: Julia Leonie Crusniere
048 Florimond Emile Bauwens: born 22/03/1898; father: Emoile Blave; mother: Celphondine Virginie Bauwens (married after the birth)
049 Emile Jules Dauge: born 23/03/1898; father: Jules Dauge; mother: Marie Claire Clemence Barbiot
050 Victor Leon Harvent: born 23/03/1898; father: Jean Baptiste Adrean Harvent; mother: Esther Marie Cambier
051 Albert Dubois: born 29/03/1898; father: Oscar Dubois; mother: Celenie Charlotte Wastiau
052 Laure Josephine Coppee: born 29/03/1898; father: Augustine Coppee; mother: Louis Augustine Gailly
053 Georges Gustave Mainil: born 02/04/1898; father: Augustine Mainil; mother: Pauline Tulle
054 Julia Estelle Desiree Evrard: born 02/04/1898; father: Jules Dumont; mother: Marie Clemence Evrard (married after birth)
055 Louise Dubois: born 04/04/1898; father: ; mother: Flavie Alexandrine Dubois
056 Leon Joseph Ghislain Leemans: born 05/04/1898; father: Victor Joseph Leemans; mother: Alix Maguerite Parot
057 Julia Marcq: born 05/04/1898; father: Joseph Jules Marcq; mother: Flore Melanie Dauge
058 Jeanne Dubuisson: born 06/04/1898; father: Henri Dubusisson; mother: Jospehine Trigullez
059 Pierre Joseph Lienard: born 06/04/1898; father: Victor Lienard; mother: Charlotte Flament
060 Jean Baptiste Victor Therace: born 06/04/1898; father: Edoward Therace; mother: Hortense Tricot
061 Philomene Miot: born 08/04/1898; father: Eugene Miot; mother: Clemence Preose
062 Marie Louise Haquet: born 09/04/1898; father: Leopold Haquet; mother: Marie Melanie Glavie
063 Delphine Leonie Dumont: born 11/04/1898; father: Vizel Nicolas Dumont; mother: Marie Valentine Lucie Caupin
064 Leon Jean Vital Mainil: born 16/04/1898; father: Vital Desire Mainil; mother: Desirea Charlotte Dutrieux
065 Rosa Celeste Lepoldine Deltenre: born 16/04/1898; father: Jules Augustin Deltenre; mother: Lydia Josephine Renard
066 Paul Fernand Dainville: born 18/04/1898; father: Ferdinand Jean Baptiste Dainville ; mother: Pauline Charlotte Delhage
067 Raymond Ferdinand Eugene Roland: born 23/04/1898; father: Jules Contant Roland; mother: Jospephine Florine Polard
068 Marie Victoria Andre: born 27/04/1898; father: Desire Louis Andre; mother: Rosina Clementine Claus
069 Alphonse Joseph Delog: born 10/05/1898; father: Charles Delog; mother: Victorine Stimans
070 Ferdinande Marie Dumont: born 10/05/1898; father: Fernand Dumont; mother: Marie Virginie Deltenre
071 Jules Augustin Debauque: born 11/05/1898; father: Oscar Debauque; mother: Julie Desiree Deltenre
072 Julie Clemence Dubois: born 14/05/1898; father: Francois Leopold Dubois; mother: Louisa Ferdinande Watesse
073 Francois Malbrecq: born 16/05/1898; father: Gustave Malbrecq; mother: Rosalia Dastot
074 Julienne Constence Renard: born 16/05/1898; father: Jules Leopold Renard; mother: Julia marie Baudaen
075 Juliette Henriette Plancq: born 18/05/1898; father: Desire Plancq; mother: Julia Polard
076 Hector Emile Degre: born 24/05/1898; father: Hector Paul Degre; mother: Valeria Eva Josephia Deramaix
077 Azele Julia Tiercet: born 25/05/1898; father: Augastin Victorien Tiercet; mother: Juliette Adelande Tanlot
078 Jules Jadot: born 26/05/1898; father: Noel Jadot; mother: Gustevina Ghislain
079 Leopold Duraiu: born 27/05/1898; father: Paul Duraiu; mother: Desiree Botquin
080 Jules Camille Gosselin: born 28/05/1898; father: Desire Joseph Gosselin; mother: Juliette Cauchies
081 Julia Augsta Cressant: born 31/05/1898; father: Auguste Joseph Cressant; mother: Marie Florence Duby
082 Julien Toussaint: born 31/05/1898; father: Celestin Toussaint; mother: Ferdinande Parmentier
083 Helene Soupart: born 02/06/1898; father: Arthur Soupart; mother: Josephine Jaupart
084 Henri Hogas: born 04/06/1898; father: Henri Hogas; mother: Alice Julie Gilbert
085 Florine Badin: born 04/06/1898; father: Fernand Badin; mother: Marie Louise Dubois
086 Raoul Arthur Deltenre: born 04/06/1898; father: Jean Baptiste Deltenre; mother: Palmyre Coralia Lenines
087 Elise Marehal: born 04/06/1898; father: Leopold Joseph Marehal; mother: Louisa Desiree Charniau
088 Marie Louisa DeBille: born 07/06/1898; father: Joseph DeBille; mother: Ferdinande Augustine Mayeux
089 Francois Hogaux: born 07/06/1898; father: Francois Hogaux; mother: Aimee Aubry
090 Martha Maria Mersin: born 13/06/1898; father: Albert Mersin; mother: Julie Marie Miehez
091 Nicolas Leon Dessalles: born 13/06/1898; father: Evariste Charles Joseph Dessalles ; mother: Petwinille Ceulemans
092 Andre Isidore Delcomte: born 15/06/1898; father: Jules Delconte; mother: Elisa Maria Baudewin
093 Olga Henritte Mathilde Deumont: born 17/06/1898; father: Alfred Deumont; mother: Amelie Laurence Charlez
094 Germaine Julia Lesceux: born 17/06/1898; father: Ferdinad Elie Lesceux; mother: Marie Magdelaine Clochard
095 Gabrielle Josephine Dufour: born 18/06/1898; father: Oscar Dufour; mother: Josephine Rosalie Jamez
096 Augustine Adolphina Lejeusne: born 23/06/1898; father: Leon Lejeusne; mother: Elise Mrie Rosalie Franquet
097 Bertha Marie Heloise Hubert: born 24/06/1898; father: Francois Hubert; mother: Heloise Dumont
098 Emilia Olympe Augustine Alardin: born 02/07/1898; father: Augustin Joseph Alardin; mother: Lydia Arsena Lavrie
099 Marie Defraine: born 02/07/1898; father: Severin Defraine; mother: Desiree Brogniez
100 Azele Josephine Baudwin: born 04/07/1898; father: Jean Baptiste Xavier Baudwin; mother: Marie Lambertine Touissaint
101 Seraphine Julie Decroyere: born 08/07/1898; father: Jean Baptiste Adolphe Decroyere; mother: Maria Emilia Cordier
102 Louise Josephine Baudwin: born 08/07/1898; father: ; mother: Marie Francoise Baudwin
103 Jules Duvivier: born 09/07/1898; father: Francois Duvivier; mother: Orphan Ferdinande Josephine Harvent
104 Desire Benoni Martin: born 14/07/1898; father: Fabian Martin; mother: Cleomire Chevalier
105 Ephrem Arthur Baudous: born 18/07/1898; father: Gutave Augustin Baudous; mother: Adolphine Maria Bracq
106 Jeanne Aline Blicq: born 18/07/1898; father: Odilon Joseph Blicq; mother: Juliette Herman
107 Leon Joseph Frebutte: born 19/07/1898; father: Camille Joseph Frebutte; mother: Louise Isa Celstine Bermils
108 Anzele Clotilde Bailly: born 25/07/1898; father: Jules Philippe Bailly; mother: Marie Adelaide Moreau
109 Louisa Josephine Cambier: born 29/07/1898; father: Henri Fortune Cambier; mother: Marie Andre
110 Augustin Fernand Mainil: born 30/07/1898; father: ; mother: Laura Clementine Mainil
111 Valentine Francoise Wastiau: born 30/07/1898; father: ; mother: Hortense Wastiau
112 Suzanne Aime Anna Baudwin: born 08/08/1898; father: Oscar Emile Baudwin; mother: Maria Anna Coquiart
113 Marguerite Leona Degre: born 10/08/1898; father: Hector Desire Degre; mother: Elmire Josephine Dumont
114 Leon Victorien Bodson: born 16/08/1898; father: Nicolas Bodson; mother: Jenny Emilie Cambier
115 Antoine Aime Julien Etienne: born 16/08/1898; father: Jean Baptiste Gustave Etienne; mother: Leontine Crusniere
116 Germaine Julia Bouyere: born 17/08/1898; father: Oscar Desire Bouyere; mother: Julia Clemence Cambier
117 Charles Victor Gueret: born 17/08/1898; father: Charles Joseph Gueret; mother: Anna Angelique Joncret
118 Raymond Leopold Laurent: born 19/08/1898; father: Desire Constant Laurent; mother: Adeline Charlotte Duriau
119 Marie Cauehie: born 28/08/1898; father: Desire Cauehie; mother: Domithilde Riehelet
120 Helene Marie Therese Hannecart: born 30/08/1898; father: Fernand Joseph Hannecart; mother: Elisa Augustine Dergre
121 Arthur Joseph Mickel: born 01/09/1898; father: Gustave Mickel; mother: Augustine Lescart
122 Florence Huart: born 01/09/1898; father: Leon Victor Huart; mother: Marie Dubois
123 Jean Baptiste Evrard: born 03/09/1898; father: Alexandre Jean Baptiste Evrard; mother: Louisa Blanckart
124 Emile Joseph Blondiau: born 06/09/1898; father: Louis Joseph Blondiau; mother: Silvie Marie Therese Durant
125 Albert Louis Ghislain Timmermans: born 06/09/1898; father: Charles Louis Timmermans; mother: Emilie Marie Agnes Dupont
126 Laure Lydie Roland: born 07/09/1898; father: Victor Roland; mother: Louisa Huart
127 Martha Leonie Laurent: born 07/09/1898; father: ; mother: Marie Laurent
128 Felicie Alphonsine Verset: born 09/09/1898; father: Oscar Verset; mother: Adele Greuze
129 Charlotte Emilie Catherine Calin: born 10/09/1898; father: Laurent Calin; mother: Rosalie Marie Louisa Tourpe
130 Arthur Daniel: born 11/09/1898; father: Marcel Daniel; mother: Pauline Clemance Wastiau
131 Alicee Georgina Quertinmont: born 12/09/1898; father: Jean Baptiste David Quertinmont; mother: Anna Marie Therese Dendal
132 Zoe Celine Dessalles: born 16/09/1898; father: ; mother: Josephine Dessalles
133 Augustine Nathalie Rosine Ramay: born 17/09/1898; father: Victor Alexandre Ramay; mother: Marie Nathalie Claus
134 Victor Hannecart: born 23/09/1898; father: Andre Hannecart; mother: Marie Therese Heymans
135 Louise Alexandrine Watesse: born 24/09/1898; father: Alexandre Watesse; mother: Rosalie Desiree Fievet
136 Adonis Vital Ghislain Laurent: born 26/09/1898; father: Louis Laurent; mother: Marie Louisa Coppin
137 Monique Blervaque: born 26/09/1898; father: Constant Blervaque; mother: Marie Joseph Trefert
138 Georges Joseph Moreau: born 01/10/1898; father: Oscar Theophile Moreau; mother: Louisa Renaut
139 Paul Charles Florimond Hermant: born 01/10/1898; father: Florimond Hermant; mother: Marie Waterlot
140 Leopold Joseph Paree: born 06/10/1898; father: ; mother: Marie Paree
141 Catherine Augustine Gondry: born 07/10/1898; father: Desire LaCuche; mother: Catherine Gondry (married after birth)
142 Josephine Elmire Lagneau: born 12/10/1898; father: Camille Lagneau; mother: Elmire Eugenie Cousix
143 Fernand Laurent Jules Dupont: born 13/10/1898; father: ; mother: Zoe Dupont
144 Leon Laurent: born 14/10/1898; father: Gustave Pierre Joseph Laurent; mother: Marie Francoise Moreau
145 Emilie Marie Therese Jeanne Guichart: born 16/10/1898; father: Jules Emile Charles Guichart; mother: Leonie Lansmanne
146 Arthur Duvivier: born 17/10/1898; father: Augustin Duvivier; mother: Zoe Marie Josephine Dutricus
147 Julia Josephine Delepine: born 19/10/1898; father: Antoine Jules Delepine; mother: Clemance Huret
148 Jeanne Clara Delepine: born 19/10/1898; father: Antoine Jules Delepine; mother: Clemance Huret
149 Mariette Julie Cousin: born 20/10/1898; father: Hector Cousin; mother: Leotine Josephine Dainville
150 Marie Magdelaine Lydie Denise: born 22/10/1898; father: ; mother: Marie Denise
151 Zelie Fernande Evrard: born 24/10/1898; father: Alphonse Jean Baptiste Evrard; mother: Marie Therese Bouchy
152 Elie Griffon: born 24/10/1898; father: Victor Griffon; mother: Julia Marie Druart
153 Josephine Debaize: born 24/10/1898; father: Fernand Augustin Debaize; mother: Louisa Robbe
154 Laura Emilia Wery: born 24/10/1898; father: Jurenal Wery; mother: Adolphine Augustine Rifant
155 Helene Hortense Juliette Mayaus: born 26/10/1898; father: Evariste Mayous; mother: Celine Harvent
156 Louise Laure Gusbin: born 27/10/1898; father: Louis Joseph Gusbin; mother: Lidonie Francoise Bodson
157 Jeanne Marie Fondu: born 28/10/1898; father: Aime Ghislain Fondu; mother: Stephanie Marie Deltenre
158 Louise Victoine Loist: born 29/10/1898; father: Victor Leopold Loist; mother: Anna Augusta Debecq
159 Germaine Bouyere: born 31/10/1898; father: Victor Bouyere; mother: Julia Laurent
160 Victoia Jeanne Deramaix: born 09/11/1898; father: Jules Joseph Albert Deramaix; mother: Mathilde Victorine Haubey
161 Mathilde Adolphine Delhaye: born 14/11/1898; father: Leon Victorien Delhaye; mother: Olympe Devroede
162 Angele Francoise Empein: born 17/11/1898; father: Fernand Osacar Empein; mother: Flore Alphonsine Vanhellepat
163 Pierre Joseph Roosens: born 17/11/1898; father: Polydore Roosens; mother: Rosalie Thiebant
164 Leon Gustave Delmotte: born 17/11/1898; father: Victor Augustin Delmotte; mother: Florine Augustine Faucon
165 Blanche Louise Emilie Descamps: born 18/11/1898; father: Emile Descamps; mother: Lidonie Libotte
166 Pauline Philippron: born 21/11/1898; father: Louis Nicolas Philippron; mother: Julia Nicoise
167 Camille Ernest Evariste Leroy: born 21/11/1898; father: Ernest Auguste Leroy; mother: Alphonsine Albertine Mayaus
168 Philippe Charles Waterlot: born 25/11/1898; father: Auguste Emile Waterlot; mother: Aline Josephine Lejeune
169 Bertha Josephine Empein: born 28/11/1898; father: Camille Francois Empein; mother: Elise Debaize
170 Victor Canivet: born 06/12/1898; father: Edouard Joseph Francios Canivet; mother: Mariet Antoinette Pavot
171 Olga Buzet: born 07/12/1898; father: Albert Buzet; mother: Clemance Dubois
172 Amandine Marie Claire Paree: born 08/12/1898; father: Louis Paree; mother: Jeannie Louisa Maria Waroquier
173 Henri Andre Miche: born 09/12/1898; father: Adolphe Miche; mother: Desiree Eva Blankaert
174 Fernand Victorien Mayaus: born 17/12/1898; father: Jules Victor Mayaus; mother: Zelies Harvent
175 Leonie Gailly: born 26/12/1898; father: Emmanuiel Ghislain Gailly; mother: Marie Louise Lemaire
176 Helen Marie Dierick: born 30/12/1898; father: Theophile Dierick; mother: Eugenie Vanbackmuroche
177 Victor Dupres: born 30/12/1898; father: Jean Baptiste Dupres; mother: Constance Dubois


Births: 177
Legal childs: 164
Legalized childs: 3 (married after birth)
Natural childs: 10
The population of Strepy-Bracquegnies did grow from 5070 residents (31/12/1890) to 6613 (31/12/1900)

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