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Municipality La Louviere (Hainaut)

Town Strepy-Bracquegnies

Birth register 1900
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Home > Belgium > Kingdom (1830-now) > Wallonia > Prov. Hainaut > Distr. Soignies > La Louvière > Strepy-Bracquegnies
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While every attempt has been made to insure the spelling of the names contained in this extraction are accurate. There is a chance that there are spelling mistakes. These extractions have been made from hand written documents. The hand writing is of various qualities and clarity.

Gene Jenkins

Municipality Strepy-Bracquegnies (1800-1976)

Births for the Year 1900

Acte No.; Name Child; Date birth; Father's Name; Mother's Name
001 Maurice Gustave Soupart: born 02/01/1900; father: Constant Jean Baptiste Soupart; mother: Flore Marie Francoise Decroyere
002 Claire Sophie Josephine Olivier: born 03/01/1900; father: Omer Leon Olivier; mother: Laure Desiree Quertinmont
003 Alexandre Hermans: born 04/01/1900; father: ; mother: Elise Herman
004 Marie Zelie Duez: born 07/01/1900; father: Octave Joseph Duez; mother: Zelie Gandibleux
005 Martha Julia Mayaux: born 07/01/1900; father: Vital Mayaux; mother: Aimee Poulet
006 Alexandre Denis Carpentier: born 08/01/1900; father: ; mother: Damyre Carpentier
007 Henri Badin: born 10/01/1900; father: Fernand Badin; mother: Marie Louise Dubois
008 Lydie Desiree Leopoldine Dainville: born Oct. 1878; father: Noel Dainville; mother: Augustine Joseph Blick (recorded Jan. 10)
009 Maurice Hubert Roger: born 11/01/1900; father: Jean Baptiste Hubert Roger; mother: Pauline Guichart
010 Alexandre Gustave Brion: born 12/01/1900; father: Alexandre Brion; mother: Virginie Vanacolejen
011 Augusta Zoe Lhoir: born 12/01/1900; father: Francois Lhoir; mother: Charlotte Stievenart
012 Juliete Hermine Vandeneuker: born 15/01/1900; father: Louis Vandeneuker; mother: Alice Marie Gilmont
013 Paula Leone Mersin: born 17/01/1900; father: Albert Mersin; mother: Julie Marie Alphonsine Michez
014 Armand Joseph Alfred Bauduin: born 19/01/1900; father: Godfried Bauduin; mother: Catherine Julia Wauthier
015 Emile Bodson: born 25/01/1900; father: Aime Bodson; mother: Marie Catherine Delval
016 Alphonsine Marie Beauquenne: born 27/01/1900; father: Gustave Alphone Beauquenne; mother: Adele Desiree Vandeneucker
017 Auguste Coppee: born 29/01/1900; father: Augustin Coppee; mother: Louise Augustine Gailly
018 Marguerite Louise Harvent: born 04/02/1900; father: Fermand Francois Harvent; mother: Hermanie Urbain
019 Louisa Sophie Albertine Guerez: born 05/02/1900; father: Alphonse Desire Joseph Guerez; mother: Marie Landmanne
020 Hermine Leontine Mouton: born 05/02/1900; father: Leon Charles Mouton; mother: Augustine , dite Florine Coppin
021 Edouward Philippe Florent Vanderwalle: born 06/02/1900; father: Gregoire Vanderwalle; mother: Jeanne Felicie Tieriet
022 Victor Desire Catz: born 07/02/1900; father: Benoit Catz; mother: Sidonie Florine Caudren
023 Pierre Joseph Jean Dehu: born 08/02/1900; father: Gustave Dehu; mother: Charlotte Raulier
024 Jean Hannecart: born 08/02/1900; father: Andre Hannecart; mother: Marie Therese Heymans
025 Victor Joseph Theraces: born 09/02/1900; father: Jules Theraces; mother: Elise Marie Gaillez
026 Gedeon Oscar Hoyelle: born 11/02/1900; father: Oscar Edmond Noyelle; mother: Augstine Adolphine Ruelle
027 Rodolphe Limbourg: born 14/02/1900; father: Georges Limbourg; mother: Julia Hortense Vanvellinghen
028 Denise Leopoldine Mayeur: born 19/02/1900; father: Emile Pierre Joseph Mayeur; mother: Juliette Adolphione Gailly
029 Emile Cantiniau: born 21/02/1900; father: Augustin Cantiniau; mother: Mathilde Delhaye
030 Alfred Auguste Gauchie: born 22/02/1900; father: Camille Victor Gauchie; mother: Adele Augustine Lansmanne
031 Jules Francois Hoyaux: born 22/02/1900; father: Francois Hoyaux; mother: Aimee Aubry
032 Edgard Victorien Delhaye: born 23/02/1900; father: Jules Charles Delhaye; mother: Julie Francoise Permez
033 Julia Marchand: born 27/02/1900; father: Theodore Nicolas Marchand; mother: Zoe Rossart
034 Vincent Maurice Dubois: born 02/03/1900; father: ; mother: Flavie Dubois
035 Francois Desire Overtus: born 03/03/1900; father: Desire Overtus; mother: Philomne Zelie Durant
036 Bertha Anna Evrard: born 03/03/1900; father: Eugene Evrard; mother: Edelphine Malengut
037 Victoria Adolphine Andre: born 05/03/1900; father: Joseph Andre; mother: Julia Olivier
038 Edmond Marcel Blicq: born 06/03/1900; father: Adilon Joseph Blicq; mother: Juliette Herman
039 Valerie Augustine Marie Tantot: born 16/03/1900; father: Auguste Jules Tantot; mother: Marie Mathilde Mainil
040 Raymond Emile Bombaert: born 16/03/1900; father: Emile Joseph Bombaert; mother: Justine Macart
041 Eugene Jules Deltenre: born 19/03/1900; father: Jules Deltenre; mother: Euigenie Harvent
042 Auguste Joseph Musin: born 19/03/1900; father: Francois Joseph Musin; mother: Floudie Marie Capianmont
043 Paul Desire Florent Waterloo: born 21/03/1900; father: Paul Joseph Waterloo; mother: Jeanne Sione Desiree Vray(?)
044 Noel Fernand Vanquelefs: born 21/03/1900; father: Charles Vanquelefs; mother: Marie Adele Hoyas
045 Leona Hoyas: born 23/03/1900; father: Fernand Hoyas; mother: Adeline Virginie Seaphine Therau
046 Henri Fernand Mainil: born 24/03/1900; father: Fernand Joseph Mainil; mother: Rosine Alexandrine Wastiau
047 Julia Albertine Desprets: born 24/03/1900; father: ; mother: Zoe Desprets
048 Augusta Victoria DeBille: born 24/03/1900; father: Joseph DeBille; mother: Ferdinende Augustine Mayaur
049 Leon Aime Ernaelestiene: born 26/03/1900; father: Telesphore Ernaelestiene; mother: Malvina Ernaelestiene
050 Louisa Marie Claus: born 28/03/1900; father: Osacar Alphonse Claus; mother: Eugenie Louisa Caulier
051 Jean Auguste Joseph Victor Coffe: born 31/03/1900; father: Desire Henri Joseph Coffe; mother: Victorine Josephine Gravez
052 Georgetee Alix Dubois: born 02/04/1900; father: Desire Dubois; mother: Charlotte Leonie Beve
053 Victorine Florine Leontine Ergot: born 03/04/1900; father: Oswald Ergot; mother: Victorine Catherine Staquet
054 Georges Limbourg: born Dec. 31, 1875; father: Augustin Toussaint; mother: Caroline Limbourg (recorded Apr. 3)
055 Robert Adolphe Celestin Toussaint: born 06/04/1900; father: Leon Arthur Toussaint; mother: Adele Pauline Lhoute
056 Oscar Francois Durand: born 09/04/1900; father: Henri Durand; mother: Victorine Hotome
057 Simonne Marie Adolphine Misonne: born 09/04/1900; father: Alexandre Victor Joseph Misonne; mother: Julia Aimee Groleau
058 Juliette Clemire Urbain: born 11/04/1900; father: Charles Urbain; mother: Helene Adeline Gaillez
059 Albert Adolphe Decroyere: born 01/04/1900; father: Jean Baptiste Adolphe Decroyere; mother: Maria Emilia Cordier
060 Emilie Louisa Guillaume: born 19/04/1900; father: Louis Philippe Guillaume; mother: Pauline Griffon
061 Anna Bran: born 19/04/1900; father: Louis Joseph Bran; mother: Augustine Duriau
062 Herman Van Maercke: born 26/04/1900; father: Alois Van Maercke; mother: Eugenie Maria Louisa Standaert
063 Paul Henri Delcourt: born 26/04/1900; father: Jules Joseph Delcourt; mother: Elisa Maria Baudewin
064 Edgard Auguste Gustave Bos: born 26/04/1900; father: Jules Bos; mother: Marie Therese Debauque
065 Aimable Demarez: born 30/04/1900; father: Desire Demarez; mother: Rosalie Nathalie Harvent
066 Elise Julia Biltereyst: born 05/05/1900; father: Isidore Auguste Biltereyst; mother: Celine Marie Halimes
067 Victor Delattre: born 06/05/1900; father: Thomas Delattre; mother: Juliea Felicie Begnvert
068 Gaspard Jean-Baptiste Duriau: born 07/05/1900; father: Hippolyte Samuel Duriau; mother: Odle Louie Ghislain
069 Maruice Jean-Baptiste Sirjacq: born 07/05/1900; father: ; mother: Josephine Sirjacq
070 Jean Alexis Louis Ghislain Pestiaux: born 10/05/1900; father: Gustave Joseph Gishlain Pestiaux Stephanie Jacobs; mother:
071 Athilde Alphosine Desprechins: born 10/05/1900; father: Cleon Alfred Desprechins; mother: Elisa Seraphine Letouche
072 Andre Leon Bouyer: born 11/05/1900; father: Jean-Baptiste Bouyer; mother: Nathalie Nalegre
073 Leopoldine Charlotte Duquene: born 11/05/1900; father: Leopold Duquene; mother: Marie Francoise Beuduin
074 Edgard Augustin Frederica: born 14/05/1900; father: Emile Henri Ghislain Frederica; mother: Leontine Dochez
075 Palmyre Percenaire: born 16/05/1900; father: Alfred Percenaire; mother: Augustine Florine Banduin
076 Olga Ghislaine Drugmand: born 18/05/1900; father: Desire Drugmand; mother: Marie Constance Merliere
077 Ivonne Ernestine Lucienne Philippe: born 18/05/1900; father: Ernest Joseph Ghislain Philippe; mother: Delphine Celeste Andre
078 Julis Gustavine Gauthier: born 19/05/1900; father: Jules Joseph Gauthier; mother: Marie Celiste Carpentier
079 Louise Georgette Cosmans: born 21/05/1900; father: Camille Cosmans; mother: Leon Marie Fondu
080 Marie Louise Miot: born 22/05/1900; father: Eugene Miot; mother: Clemense Pesse
081 Robert Ghislain esire Renard: born 23/05/1900; father: Leon Desire Renard; mother: Alice Dumonceau
082 Eugene Harvent: born 26/05/1900; father: Louis Harvent; mother: Adele Angelique Marlieu
083 Marie Antonette Evelina Hubert: born 26/05/1900; father: Francois Hubert; mother: Heloise Dumont
084 Maurice Henry: born 30/05/1900; father: Ephram Henry; mother: Laurenne Lair
085 Edgard Duriau: born 02/06/1900; father: Joseph Duriau; mother: Apoline Louise Sebret
086 Juliette Augusta Bouvier: born 07/06/1900; father: Jules Leon Bouvier; mother: Florine Seraphine Staquet
087 Nicolas Aimable Dufour: born 11/06/1900; father: Oscar Dufour; mother: Josephine Rosalie Jamez
088 Desire Clovis Harvengt: born 11/06/1900; father: Clovis Joseph Harvengt; mother: Jolima, dite Jorina Bouchez
089 Leon Cubat: born 11/06/1900; father: Gustave Joseph Cubat; mother: Maria Louise Dainville
090 Maurice Fernand Laurent: born 12/06/1900; father: Francois Clement Laurent; mother: Marie Philippe Tierce
091 Floret Leopold Laurent: born 12/06/1900; father: Desire Constant Laurent; mother: Aeline Charlotte Duriau
092 Marie Jeanne Collinez: born 14/06/1900; father: Nestor Collinez; mother: Marie Louie Josephine Bran
093 Oswald Deltenre: born 14/06/1900; father: Emile Louis Deltenre; mother: Lydie Augustine Harvent
094 Laure Mayaux: born 14/06/1900; father: Jean Baptiste Mayaux; mother: Zoe Flament
095 Angele Josephine Dumnt: born 16/06/1900; father: Francois Joseph Dumont; mother: Marie Flore Wastiau
096 Alphonsine Emilie Verset: born 20/06/1900; father: Omer Verswet; mother: Adele Greuse
097 Gustave Fernad Marotte: born 21/06/1900; father: Arthur Ferdinand Marotte; mother: Mathilde Catherine Mayois
098 Victor Delattre: born 21/06/1900; father: Charles Jean Baptiste Delattre; mother: Josephine Viriginie Dequanter
099 Jean Baptiste Emile Liebin: born 25/06/1900; father: Andre Augustin Liebin; mother: Josephine Julia Bauduin
100 Augustin Adolphe Wanekem: born 29/06/1900; father: Fermin Adolphe Wanekem; mother: Maria Augustine Planque
101 Magdeline Isodine Lescot: born 02/07/1900; father: Auguste Lescot; mother: Rachel Leclercq
102 Josephine Soupart: born Jan. 24, 1882; father: Jean Baptiste Soupart; mother: Alexandrine Dainville (recorded Jul. 3)
103 Robert Jules Destree: born 07/07/1900; father: ; mother: Marie Destree
104 Juia Aline Spadin: born 08/07/1900; father: Edouward Spadin; mother: Agathe Juliette Descamps
105 Emilie Louise Demeuke: born 09/07/1900; father: Clement Jules Demeuke; mother: Louise Fontaine
106 Emilia Julia Pecqueur: born 09/07/1900; father: Jules Desire Pecqueur; mother: Anna Marie Joseph Pasty
107 Marthe Gailliez: born 09/07/1900; father: Ferdinand Leon Joseph Gailliez; mother: Juila Marie Ronsain
108 Victoria Felicie Ruelle: born 09/07/1900; father: ; mother: Lucienne Ruelle
109 Leon Emile Aubin: born 10/07/1900; father: Alfred Aubin; mother: Marie Despree
110 Francois Vanderwalle: born 11/07/1900; father: Leopold Vanderwalle; mother: Louise Julia Tasia
111 Augustin Pierre Leroy: born 11/07/1900; father: Jules Clement Leroy; mother: Joanne Ferdinande Deltenre
112 Emilia Sidonie Chevalier: born 21/07/1900; father: Benoni Chevalier; mother: Marie Laurent
113 Georges Emilie Jean Guichart: born 23/07/1900; father: Jules Emile Charles Louis Guichart; mother: Leonie Lansmanne
114 Jean Baptiste Van Linden: born 25/07/1900; father: Pierre Van Linden; mother: Louisa Somers
115 Marthe Josephine Roulez: born 30/07/1900; father: Alfred Roulez; mother: Florine Eugenie Lenoir
116 Jules Louis Pourbaix: born 01/08/1900; father: Fernand Louis Pourbaix; mother: Adolphine Vanehem
117 Aline Julia Victoria Andre: born 07/08/1900; father: Jean Baptiste Andre; mother: Marie Phraseline Croquet
118 Alice Alexandrine Evrard: born 09/08/1900; father: Francois Evrard; mother: Marie Lendud
119 Marthe Marie Elisabeth Finet: born 14/08/1900; father: Louis Finet; mother: Octavie Julia Cleves
120 Henri Aime Alexandre Caudron: born 17/08/1900; father: Jean Baptiste Caudron; mother: Pauline Blanckaert
121 Henri Louis Edmond Surveillant: born 18/08/1900; father: Valere Alexis Surveillant; mother: Julie Elise Lesceux
122 Clement Emile Andre: born 22/08/1900; father: Emile Antoine Andre; mother: Odele Clementine Dequeldre
123 Floriante Jenane Durant: born 22/08/1900; father: Benoit Durant; mother: Louise Bouillez
124 Claire Charlotte Ghislaine Surveill: born 23/08/1900; father: Vital Blaise Surveillant; mother: Louise Deltenre
125 Henri Desere Romain Daloze: born 25/08/1900; father: Desire Florent Daloze; mother: Desiree Waterloo
126 Achille Joseph Ambicq: born 28/08/1900; father: Hector Joseph Ambicq; mother: Louise Noel
127 Pauline Marie Soupart: born 28/08/1900; father: Jean Baptiste Soupart; mother: Eleonore Hrvent
128 Max Francois Joseph Jules Tecqmenne: born 28/08/1900; father: Leon Arthus Alexis Tecqmenne; mother: Blanche Elise Ghislaine Deneufbourg
129 Alice Leopoldine Lenoir: born 31/08/1900; father: Oscar Lenoir; mother: Angele Gustavine Soupart
130 Albert Berth Emile Jean Baptiste Lechien: born 08/09/1900; father: Francois Joseph Lechien; mother: Omepine Clemence Verset
131 Georges Desire Valentin Plantoir: born 10/09/1900; father: Silvain Leon Joseph Plantoir; mother: Augustine Desiree Fevet
132 Emile Victor Nicaise: born 11/09/1900; father: ; mother: Jeanne Nicaise
133 Alphonse Leon Pierre Joseph Dumont: born 17/09/1900; father: Leon Pierre Dumont; mother: Adele Bran
134 Julia Hecquet: born 17/09/1900; father: Louis Hecquet; mother: Julia Camile Jude
135 Alphonsine Adelie Dainville: born 25/09/1900; father: Alphonse Ferdinand Dainville; mother: Adolphine Victorine Tailler
136 Helene Ghislaine Debaize: born 26/09/1900; father: Fernand Augustin Debaize; mother: Louisa Robbe
137 Aline Marie Ghislaine Josephe Menestret: born 26/09/1900; father: Camille Joseph Menestret; mother: Maria Antoinette Galere
138 Victor Adhemand Adolphe Rona: born 29/09/1900; father: Raphael Victor Rona; mother: Adile Paul
139 Henri Albert Leon Bosser: born 04/10/1900; father: Henri Joseph Theodore Bosser; mother: Mathilde Leonie Delatte
140 Louis Elie Lesceux: born 08/10/1900; father: Ferdinand Elie Lesceux; mother: Marie Magdeleine Clochard
141 Felicien Junvenal Masse: born 10/10/1900; father: Telephore Nicolas Benoirt Masse; mother: Marie Anna Felecienne Bouslard
142 Georges Fernand Gossuin: born 14/10/1900; father: Arthur Theodore Gossuin; mother: Omerine Olivier
143 Jules Emile Gossuin: born 15/10/1900; father: Arthur Theodore Gossuin; mother: Omerine Olivier
144 Leon Nicolas Dessalles: born 19/10/1900; father: Everiot Charles Joseph; mother: Petroille Ceulemans
145 Hermine Germaine Plan: born 23/10/1900; father: Charles Plan; mother: Elomire Chevalier
146 Colombe Augustine Decleve: born 25/10/1900; father: Valere Arthur Decleve; mother: Adele Augstine Chaquet
147 Paul Louis Leveque: born 26/10/1900; father: Louis Philippe Leveque; mother: Helene Flore Lechien
148 Alice Augustine Libert: born 02/11/1900; father: Jules Libert; mother: Julia Elisa Guerat
149 Urbain Joseph Stroobant: born 05/11/1900; father: Omere Storobant; mother: Clemence Josephine Duquesene
150 Amelie Florine Sirjacq: born 07/11/1900; father: Alexandre Fernand Sirjacq; mother: Alise Seraphine Staquet
151 Yvonne Marie Cleleste Delporte: born 10/11/1900; father: Alfred Joseph Delporte; mother: Justine Juliette Renand
152 Estelle Julia Barbiot: born 10/11/1900; father: Albert Barbiot; mother: Aline Waterlot
153 Heloise Marie Virginie Dessalles: born 13/11/1900; father: Gedeon Dessalles; mother: Virginie Lejeune
154 Vial Alfred Deloy: born 16/11/1900; father: Charles Deloy; mother: Victorine Stimans
155 Julia Pauline Marchal: born 16/11/1900; father: Leopold Joseph Marchal; mother: Louisa Desiree Charnian
156 Flored David: born 18/11/1900; father: Bernard Emile David; mother: Clinie Guyot
157 Dieudonne Denis Fernand Moons: born 19/11/1900; father: Dominique Moons; mother: Angeloine Adele Lodin
158 Adhemard Miche: born 19/11/1900; father: Adolphe Miche; mother: Desiree Blanckaert
159 Edouard Emile Ernest Deramaid: born 21/11/1900; father: Firmein Emile Deramaid; mother: Julia Flamang
160 Agenor Augustin Harvent: born 21/11/1900; father: Clovis Harvent; mother: Louisa Baise
161 Angele Degre: born 22/11/1900; father: Alexander Pierre Joseph Degre; mother: Hyacinthe Josephine Stievenart
162 Fernand Gustave Auglaire: born 23/11/1900; father: Gustave Auglaire; mother: Flore Adolphine Laurent
163 Zelie Leonie Louise Calin: born 23/11/1900; father: Laurent Calin; mother: Rosalie Marie Louise Tourpe
164 Louisa Duriau: born 26/11/1900; father: Paul Duriau; mother: Desiree Botquin
165 Wilhem Duray: born 28/11/1900; father: Vital Joseph Duray; mother: Elodie Alexandrine Gilles
166 Edouard Duriau: born 05/12/1900; father: Vital Duriau; mother: Marceline Marie Therese Becker
167 Martial Leon Bouyere: born 05/12/1900; father: Victor Bouyere; mother: Julia Laurent
168 Marie Catherine Celina Donfut: born 07/12/1900; father: Philbert Donfut; mother: Theodule Felicie Camille Tourpe
169 Leon Jules Dessalles: born 08/12/1900; father: Jules Dessalles; mother: Louis Lebuin
170 Rosane Julia Thomas: born 10/12/1900; father: Jules Ernest Thomas; mother: Ferdinande Marie Overtus
171 Leopold Florian Caudron: born 11/12/1900; father: Victor Caudron; mother: Stephanie Marie Marchal
172 Evariote Jules Ernest Leroy: born 17/12/1900; father: Ernest Auguste Leroy; mother: Alphonsine Albertine Mayaux
173 Marie Therese Laurence Desprets: born 26/12/1900; father: Edouard Desprets; mother: Juliette Dupire


Births: 173
Legal childs: 164 (included 2 of previous years)
Legalized childs: 1 (married after birth - born in a previous year )
Natural childs: 8
The population of Strepy-Bracquegnies did grow from 5070 residents (31/12/1890) to 6613 (31/12/1900)

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