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Belgian Provinces
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Dutch names French names English names Abreviation ISO
Antwerpen Anvers Antwerp ANT VAN
Henegouwen Hainaut Hainaut HAI WHT
Limburg** Limbourg** Limburg** LIM VLI
Luik Liège Liège LIG WLG
Luxemburg* Luxembourg* Luxemburg* LUX WLX
Namen Namur Namur NAM WNA
Oost-Vlaanderen Flandre Orientale East Flanders OVL VOV
Flemish Brabant *** Brabant Flamand *** Flemish Brabant *** VLB VBR
Waals Brabant *** Walloon Brabant *** Walloon Brabant *** BWL WBR
West-Vlaanderen Flandre Occidentale West Flanders WVL VWV

* This is the Belgian province Luxemburg; there is also the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, which is an independant state in the European Union.
** This is the Belgian province Limburg; there is also the province Limburg (Netherlands); and the former "Duchy of Limburg" was situated in the province Liège; the "County of Loon" was situated in the current province of Belgian Limburg.
*** The districts of the former province Brabant (1795-1994) where was splitted in 1994 as follows:
The arrondissement Brussels-Capital (19 municipalities)
don't belong to a province , but has a french-speaking province-governor (and a dutch-speaking vice-governor) for the tasks depending from the federal executive branch; the council of the "Region Brussels-Capital" has herited all powers of a provincial council
The two arrondissements Halle-Vilvoorde and Leuven
did form the new "Provincie Vlaams-Brabant"; has a french-speaking deputy-governor
The arrondissement Nivelles
is the only arrondissement of the new "Province du Brabant-Wallon"

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