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Belgian Place names


These lists contain the names of almost 3,000 places, cities, towns, townships, villages, in Belgium, with their Postal (ZIP) code, the Municipality (Gemeente / Commune) to which they belong, as well as the Administrative District (Bestuurlijk Arrondissement / Arrondissement Administratif) as the Judicial District (Rechterlijk Arrondissement / Arrondissement Judiciaire), and the Province (Provincie / Province). Also the official language and the telephone area codes are given.

Separate lists are present for the province names, districts (arrondissements) names and ZIP codes.

We have planned around Jun 99 to add a system of clickable maps to our site somewhere in 2000. We want to finish the arrondissements outline pages before that. But we will add the municipality and parish level, and quick links to our outline page, the official site and the most relevant genealogical site for that entitity (VVF, local history society, ...). ( 07 Sep 99)

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Official Languages

The following abbreviations are used for our lists:

D: Deutsch    (German)
F: Français   (French)
N: Nederlands (Dutch)
X: mixed N + F
or will be used:
DF: Administrative language German, but French can be used by individuals
FD: Administrative language French, but German can be used by individuals
FN: Administrative language French, but Dutch can be used by individuals
NF: Administrative language Dutch, but French can be used by individuals
MM: Administrative language Dutch and French
MMM: Administrative language Dutch, French and German

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Old spellings of place names

Many of the Flemish names have changed due to the "modernization" of the Dutch spelling. Also, in official documents the "French" spelling of a Flemish name may have been used.

In case you wouldn't find the place you are looking for, I suggest you try

1. using your browser's "Search" or "Find" function, look for the name in one of the lists of places starting with another letter of the alphabet, using probably only a portion of the name (e.g., "Mis" if you are looking for "Miskom", or "apr" if you are looking for "Caprycke")

2. replace one or more letters, taking into account some of following rules:

     Old spelling   New spelling      Examples
     AE             A                 Laethem     --> Latem
     AE             AA                Waesmunster --> Waasmunster
     AU             OU                Audenaerde  --> Oudenaarde
     AY             AAI               Sinay       --> Sinaai
     C              K                 Clinge      --> Klinge
     C              S                 Belcele     --> Belsele
     CH             CK                Kerchove    --> Kerkhove
     CH             S                 Cherscamp   --> Serskamp
     CK             K                 Haesdonck   --> Haasdonk
     EE             E                 Zeevergem   --> Zevergem
     EI             E                 Meirelbeke  --> Merelbeke
     EY             EI                Deynze      --> Deinze
     G              CH                Burgt       --> Burcht
     GH             G                 Landeghem   --> Landegem
     OO             O                 Calloo      --> Kallo
     OU             OE                Bouchaute   --> Boekhoute
     S              Z                 Kemseke     --> Kemzeke
     TH             T                 Thielrode   --> Tielrode
     UY             UI                Uytbergen   --> Uitbergen
     X              KS                Exaerde     --> Eksaarde
     Y              I                 Wynkel      --> Winkel
     Y              IJ                Zwyndrecht  --> Zwijndrecht

3. if all this is too complicated: ask me!

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The following pages can be reviewed, if your are looking for codification of Place Names

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With a special thanks to

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Provinces | Districts | Cantons | Municipalities and Place Names | ZIP codes
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