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This pages will focus on those parts of Germany that did belong at some time in history to a territory, with a capital in Belgium of todays. The topics will concentrate on those items, useful for genealogical research from abroad on Belgian emigrants and their ascendants.

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Territorial subdivision

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Short history with bibliography

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Migration / Emigration / Immigration

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Families and Family Histories

  • Schumacher/Shoemaker

    The Schumacher family by Dick Shoemaker ( (full tex)
    The migration of a Mennonite family from Monschau to the USA in the 17th century
    A quotation:
    The early European followers of Menno Simons banded together to escape religious persecution, and established colonies at strategic points in Central Europe, where the government was tolerant, and they were or less welcome. Peter and George were of these Mennonite families, and it is possible that their roots go back to a small Mennonite colony at Monschau, in the Rhine Province of Germany, just south of Aachen and a few miles easy of the Belgian frontier. (French -`Montjoie; and `Aix'). At Monschau in the year 1597, is found a Henrich Schumacher and his wife and Arndts (Arnold) Henrich and his wife, Dedenborn, (Aptenstucke Staats Archiv Dusseldorf, Julichsberg, 254).

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