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Ship Mauretania

Liverpool (GBR) 01 Aug 1914 - Halifax NS (CAN) 07 Aug 1914

Passengers List with Belgian Emigrants
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Source: LDS Microfilm #
Transcriber: Linda Wright
Only all Belgians
January 2000

Border entries into the USA through Detroit MI and Vanceboro ME on Aug 10th and 11th of 1914

In addition to the list below, the place names as they are written now.

Passenger #, Family Name, Given Name, Age, Occupation, Place of Birth

 4. MOREL Julia 23 Domestic BEL Deerlyk   		(now Deerlijk)
 5. GEWES Achille 25 ? BEL Ghent              	(now Gent)
 6. VANDEN BRULLE Urbair 28 Weaver BEL Wetteren
 7. VAN HECKE Celine 32 Wife BEL Onatnecht  		(maybe Quatrecht, now Kwatrecht)
 8. VAN HECKE Margherite 6 child BEL Wetteren
13. VAN DEVERE Seraphien 33 Laborer BEL Eecloo  (now Eeklo)
14. DEMEYER Alois 29 Laborer BEL Adegem
15. SPINS August 17 Laborer BEL Erembodegen     (Erembodegem)
16. DeBRUYN Domien 18 Laborer BEL Denderhauten  (Denderhautem now Denderhoutem)
20. COUTTEAU Justin 35 Miller BEL Woumen
22. VAN NESTE Jules 40 Farmer BEL Staden
23. SIERENS Edmond 40 Weaver BEL Staden
24. VAN OPSTAL Louis 29 Caster BEL Menleubeeke  (Meulenbeeke, now Meulebeke)
25. VAN OPSTAL Constance 28 Wife BEL Menleubeeke (idem)
27. STEENKISTE Irma 37 Wife BEL Antwerp         (now Antwerpen)
28. STEENKISTE Emil 8 child BEL Antwerp   		(idem)

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