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SS Zeeland

Antwerp (BEL) 26 Sep 1923 - New York (USA) 6 Oct 1923

Passengers List with Belgian Emigrants
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Source: LDS Microfilm #
Transcriber: Judy
Partial transcript (29 passengers)
(county of which citizen or subject)
1. Cortier, Maria Belgian
2. Peeters, Helena Belgian
3. Nagals, Marie Belgian
4. Stringer, ??? German
5. unable to read Russian
6. Lacroiz, Hortense Belgian
7. Waltzing, Emile Belgian
8. Waltzing, Charlotte Belgian
9. Abrams, Armand Belgium
10. Milman, Zisa Russian
11. Milman, Abram Russian
12. Riaboy, Liuba Russian
13. Trost, Lambert Luxemberg
14. Blozenska, Lea Russian
15. Verpraet, Robert Belgium
16. Carrette, Victor Belgium
17. Carrette, Bertha Belgium
18. Carrette, Maria Belgium
19. De Caliewe, Anne Belgium
20. Michielson, Margareta Holland
21. Schupbagh, Berthe Swiss
22.Stierlin, Louisee Belgium
23. Pollontier, Leon Belgium
24. Pollontier, Josephine Belgium
25. Pollintier, Richard Belgium
26. Surlemont, Jacques Belgium
27. Ingels, Gustaff Belgium
28. Ingels, Berthe Belgium
29. Van Wayen Berghe, Theophiel Belgium

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