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Dr. Richard BOIJEN, Head of the Documentation centre of the KLM-MRA, is deceased some weeks ago.

We do regret his unexpected departure and present our sympathy and condoleances to his family.

And thank him for what he has done for researchers, included those of our group. He was always helpfull and did go far above what was his duty.

You can contact from now Anne Godfroid for what is mentioned below. She will help you, as much as she can.

Don't forget to visit the KLM-MRA website.

The Web Site of the Military Museum can be found at: -> English -> Documentation)

Information on military personnel can be obtained from the address below.


When applying for information, give as much detail as possible:

Do NOT write to Dr. BOIJEN if you don't have sufficient information to identify the subject, or if you are enquiring about a period the Museum has no information on.


* * * * * * * * *

Below is a free translation of the message received from Dr. Richard BOIJEN, Director of the Military Museum, in November 1998.


Upto a certain level, we can help these people:

We have all the extracts of the regimental roll files [Dutch: stamboek, French: matricule] of the Belgian officers and almost all personal files (files are only accessible 120 years after their birth date).

We also have the large majority (about 10 percent are missing) of the soldiers born between 1874-1888 and 1890. The earlier ones don't exist anymore, and we could request the later ones at other departments.

For the soldiers we also have a large number of the regimental rolls (these are registers which are incomplete and to consult them, the unit and roll number [Dutch: stamnummer, French: numero de matricule] must be known -- we could eventually check that ourselves.

You can let your group [that is you, folks] know that they can write and/or e-mail to the Museum and that we will do our best to help.

ATTENTION: as from next week (a slight possibility that it could take a bit longer) the present e-mail address will be gone.

The new one is:

Best regards

Dr. Richard BOIJEN
Head Documentation Centre - Royal Army Museum Brussels
Tel.: ++ 32 (0)2-737.79.30 / ++ 32 (0)2 - 737.79.31 / ... 33 / .... 34
Fax: ++ 32 (0à2 - 737.78.02

"Look back over the pages of history; consider the feelings with which we now regard wars that our forefathers in their time supported: see how powerful and deadly are the fascinations of passion and of pride" (GLADSTONE, 1879)


I translate from a follow-up message:


Still some information regarding the 19th century:

Soldiers during the French revolution and Napoleon: for these you have to consult the state archives or the archives of the residence of the person involved, of the capital city of the department [province] of that time (e.g. Maastricht for both Limburgs [this Departement is split over the province of Limburg in Belgium and the province of Limburg in the Netherlands], Brussels for larger Brabant, and later on in Paris (Service Historique de l'Armée de Terre - Chateau de Vincenees, Paris/Vincennes).

Soldiers Dutch Period (1815-1830): Rijksarchief Den Haag [State Archives, The Hague, the Netherlands].

We don't have anything in our possession about the above (unless for officers who also served in Belgium after 1830).

We do have information on volunteers who served with the Papal Zouaves, and in the campaign in Mexico with Maximilian of Austria and Princess Charlotte.

At your service.


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