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First visit to the Family History Center (FHC)
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The Family History Centers (FHC) are organized by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), commonly called "the Mormons", but their facilities and infrastructure are at the disposal of any researcher. You don't have to be or become a member of that Church, nor will they make any attempt to discuss religion with you.

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We assume that this is your first visit to a FHC, during which you will try to find out the film roll numbers containing the civil registrations of birth, marriage, and death of your ancestors in Belgium (time frame: about 1795 to about 1870/1890).

On this first visit, you will only find out about the film roll numbers, which then you will have to order to see the actual records you are looking for. See below for some other things you may want to do (searching the AF, and the IGI).

For now, let's concentrate on finding the film roll numbers.



  • You can just write down the film numbers you require, but you can also make a printout of the listing by pressing F2. These usually cost very little, and insure that you didn't make a mistake recopying the number down.
  • When you have looked through the civil records, and you wish to check out other types of records, such as church records, go back to "Topics", by pressing F6.
  • Do the same thing with that topic, and any other topic you want to investigate.
  • Counties/provinces have larger topic groups; worth taking a look at too (protestant parishes, ...).


Happy hunting!

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