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Belgian Genealogical Societies

Vlaamse Vereniging voor Familiekunde (VVF)

[Flemish Society for Family History]
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This set of pages about the VVF is only an introduction to what the VVF can offer if to you, if you are (a descendant of) a Belgian emigrant, with his origins in Belgium. One of their main Internet resources is the site Genealogy in Belgium. The pages on our site are mainly only a structured approach to their site, written from the viewpoint of a descendant of Belgian emigrant, who is searching for genealogical data about his Roots in Belgium.

Although many resources are only about the Northern Dutch speaking part of our country, a large group concerns the whole of Belgium.

If you're roots are in the North of Belgium (Brussels included), we can only suggest to become member of the VVF (National and one or more Local branches) for some years. Don't be afraid, because their publications are almost all in Dutch. Buy a Dutch-English dictionary and learn some Dutch. You can learn it, as your ascendants did when they learned English.

And you has always our mail list BELGIUM-ROOTS-L, where you can post a question about the exact meaning of a word, don't find what you're looking for, ... . A group of VVF members is subscribed to our list.

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