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The Belgians of Indiana

by Henry A. VERSLYPE (1987)
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Bibliographic reference

Original title: The Belgians of Indiana
Abstract: With a brief history of the land from which they came
Author Henry A. VERSLYPE
Published Mishawaka, Indiana, 1987
Copyright Henry A. VERSLYPE, 1987
Language English
Number of pages 294
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Index of individual names

compiled by Don Haney, Carmel, NY <>

This list is in alphabetical order. To facilitate the search, I have included the names with DE, and VAN, both as a single word and with the particles separated from the main part of the name. E.g.: you will find De Backer listed under | De | , and Debacker listed under | D | .
Indiana (USA) section

You can also use your browser's Search or Find function to look for your name. If you don't find it this way, probably because of a deviating spelling, look under the letter of the alphabet. The file has been splitted in 6 pages (A-C, D, E-U, V, Van, Others). I noticed a large number of names that have been not correctly spelled or printed.

I do realize that a list format would have been more appropriate, but to restrict the downloading time to the minimum, I had to adopt the format I am using below.

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