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Detroit (Wayne County, Michigan, USA)

Our Lady of Help Catholic Church

Marriage Records (1870 - 1980)
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Our Lady of Help Catholic Church (Detroit)
Baptisms 1873-1923 | Marriages 1870-1980 | Burials 1877-1921
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Microfilm no. 1286, reel 73. Recorded at Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library, Wayne County, MI, Jan 1998.
Note: The spellings are the best that the compiler could interpret from handwriting.

20 JAN 1870
Gulielman FERBY, 23 years, son of Thome FERBY and Elisabeth CHEESEMAN, married Mariam ONTHONISSON, 19 years, of "Belgio", daughter of Cornelius ONTHONISSON and Mathilda BOLTE. Witnesses: Henrico COSNOBEL and Ludovica CALSO.
1 DEC [?] 1895
Joseph MANCHESTER married Myrtle J. CODDE at Fruitville, California.
22 OCT 1913
George L. DIERICKX married Eva SIDICK at St. Anne's Church, Detroit, MI.
1 SEP 1915
Joannem DE YONCKHEERE, 22 years, of Detroit, son of Augusti DE YONCKHEERE and Emma DANNIELS, married Franciscam DIERICKX, 21 years, of Detroit, daughter of Laurentii DIERICKX and Paulina CAPELLA. Witnesses: Laurentio DIERICKX and Maria DE YONCKHEERE.
25 JAN 1916
Laurentium DIERICKX, 26 years, of Detroit, son of Laurentii DIERICKX and Paulina CAPPELLA, married Gladys M. BROZO, 25 years, of Detroit, daughter of Ludovici BROZO and Maria DESAT. Withesses: Alfridus BROZO and Lucia BROZO.
17 OCT 1922
William H.L. LEMMER married Grace F. LARAMIE at All Saints Church, Detroit, MI.
28 OCT 1922
Harry CLAEYS married Katherine COATS.
15 JUL 1929
Joseph Jerome DIERICKX married Ruth M. HOLMES at St. Ambrose Rectory, Detroit, MI.
19 SEP 1936
Robert DONAHUE married Evelyn F. DIERICKX at St. Ambrose Church, Detroit, MI.
21 MAR 1980
Thaddeus PADLY married Maryann CAPPELLE at St. Malachy Church, Sterling Heights, Macomb County, MI.


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Individiual Index

SURNAME, first name(s), date of marriage. When available, names of parents (P) and witnesses (W) are included in this index.
BOLTE, Mathilda, (P) 20 JAN 1870
BROZO, Alfridus, (W) 25 JAN 1916
BROZO, Gladys M., 25 JAN 1916
BROZO, Lucia, (W) 25 JAN 1916
BROZO, Ludovici, (P) 25 JAN 1916
CALSO, Ludovica, (W) 20 JAN 1870
CAPELLA, Paulina, (P) 1 SEP 1915
CAPPELLA, Paulina, (P) 25 JAN 1916
CAPPELLE, Maryann, 21 MAR 1980
CHEESEMAN, Elisabeth, (P) 20 JAN 1870
CLAEYS, Harry, 28 OCT 1922
COATS, Katherine, 28 OCT 1922
CODDE, Myrtle J., 1 DEC [?] 1895
COSNOBEL, Henrico, (W) 20 JAN 1870
DANNIELS, Emma, (P) 1 SEP 1915
DESAT, Maria, (P) 25 JAN 1916
DE YONCKHEERE, Augusti, (P) 1 SEP 1915
DE YONCKHEERE, Joannem, 1 SEP 1915
DE YONCKHEERE, Maria, (W) 1 SEP 1915
DIERICKX, Evelyn F., 19 SEP 1936
DIERICKX, Franciscam, 1 SEP 1915
DIERICKX, George L., 22 OCT 1913
DIERICKX, Joseph Jerome, 15 JUL 1929
DIERICKX, Laurentii, (P) 1 SEP 1915; (P) 26 JAN 1916
DIERICKX, Laurentio, (W), 1 SEP 1915
DIERICKX, Laurentium, 25 JAN 1916
DONAHUE, Robert, 19 SEP 1936
FERBY, Gulielman, 20 JAN 1870
FERBY, Thome, (P) 20 JAN 1870
HOLMES, Ruth M., 15 JUL 1929
LARAMIE, Grace F., 17 OCT 1922
LEMMER, William H.L., 17 OCT 1922
MANCHESTER, Joseph, 1 DEC [?] 1895
ONTHONISSON, Cornelius, (P) 20 JAN 1870
ONTHONISSON, Mariam, 20 JAN 1870
PADLY, Thaddeus, 21 MAR 1980
SIDICK, Eva, 22 OCT 1913

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