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Detroit (Wayne County, Michigan, USA)

Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church

Marriage Records (1886 - 1916)
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Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church (Detroit)
Baptisms 1911-1915 | Marriages 1886-1916 | Burials 1888-1950
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Copied from microfilm at Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library, microfilm no. 1286, reel 9, January 1998.
Note: The spellings are the best that the compiler could interpret from handwriting.

Page 8, no. 19.
16 NOV 1886
Aaron BERNARDT, 29 years, Son of Joannis J. BERNHARDT and Maria PLOW (Ohio)
Mathilda CAPELLE, 22 years (Detroit), Daughter of Ludovici CAPELLE and Maria Theresia COUVREUR
Witnesses: Christian F. BUHLER and Maria CAPELLE
Priest: Hendrickx
Page 9, no. 1.
18 JAN 1887
Lawrence DIERICKS, 25 years (Detroit), Son of Joannis DIERICKS and Petronella TURINE
Paulina CAPELLE, 20 years (Detroit), Daughter of Aloysii CAPELLE and Theresia COUVREUR
Witnesses: Paulo DIERICKS, Antonio LOOK, Maria and Emilia CAPELLE
Priest: Hendrickx
Page 9, no. 2
2 APR 1887
Augustinus VAN HOOREBEKE, 33 years (Belgium), Son of Petri Francisci VAN HOOREBEKE and Maria Caroline DE DONDER
Catharina KIEFER, age 26 years (Sandusky), Daughter of Josephi KIEFER and Catharina SETTLE
Witnesses: Aloysio KETETE and Mathilda MAETEM
Priest: Geerts
Page 34, no. 1
8 JAN 1895
Emilius WARNER, Son of Caroli WARNER and Nathalia THIENPONT
Emma VERVAECKE, Daughter of Matthias VERVAECKE and Julia ROSELLA
Witnesses: Henrico WARNER and _______ VERVAECKE.
Priest: Geerts
Page 34, no. 2
[between 8 JAN and 16 APR 1895]
Augustus KEMPE, Son of Frederici KEMPE and Rosa OORKET
Maria VAN DE WALKE, Daughter of Franciscus VAN DE WALKE and Antonia TERSOON
Witnesses: Joanne MARTIN and Eugenia DIUVEJONCK
Priest: Geerts
Page 34, no. 3
16 APR 1895
Camillus VAN COILLIE, Son of Caroli and Ludovica VAN TURNHAUT
Octavia DE TOT, Daughter of Ivanis and Sophia CAPIN
Witnesses: Felice VAN COILLIE, Emma VAN TRAYE, Eugenio DE WONDEHER and
Priest: Geerts
Page 34, no. 4
24 APR 1895
Julius KEMPE, Son of Ambrosii KEMPE and Lucia ANDRIES
Melanie VAN GUVARA, Daughter of Ludovici and Marie WINNIE
Witnesses: Adolfo LAPPEN and Leonie KEMPE
Priest: Geerts
Page 34, no. 5
25 JUN 1895
William LEMMER, Son of Henrici and Catherine GIES
Emma CAPELLA, Daughter of Ludovici and Maria COUVREUR
Witnesses: Franciscus CAPELLA and Maria LEMMER
Priest: Geerts
Page 96, no. 15
12 FEB 1916
Adolph PETERS, son of Francis
Lena VAN TORRE, daughter of Edward
Witnesses: Arthur Matton and Emma VAN TORRA?
Page 96, no. 16
16 FEB 1916
Aime CLAERHOUT, son of Emil
Mary VERBRUGGE, daughter of Edward
Witnesses: HENRY HUVAESE and Magdalena VERGRUGGE
Page 96, no. 18
19 FEB 1916
Gaston LEBILE, son of John
Mary COUREUR, daughter of Emil
Witnesses: Joseph GRILLET and Martha COUREUR
Page 96, no. 19
19 FEB 1916
Rene BAZYN, son of Desire
Alice BRAELKEVELDT, daughter of Desire
Witnesses: Alphonse VAN STEERKISTE and Palmyre DELAERE


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Individiual Index

SURNAME, first name(s), page number [alternative spelling of surnames].
The page numbers refers to the original documents.
ANDRIES, Lucia, 34
BAZYN, Desire, 96
BAZYN, Rene, 96
BERNHARDT, Joannis J., 8
BUHLER, Christian F., 8
CAPELLA, Emma, 34
CAPELLA, Franciscus, 34
CAPELLA, Ludovici, 34
CAPELLE, Aloysii, 9
CAPELLE, Emilia, 9
CAPELLE, Maria, 9
CAPELLE, Mathilda, 9
CAPELLE, Ludovici, 8
CAPELLE, Maria, 8
CAPIN, Sophia, 34
COUREUR, Emil, 96
COUREUR, Martha, 96
COUREUR, Mary, 96
COUVREUR, Maria, 34
COUVREUR, Maria Theresia, 8
COUVREUR, Theresia, 9
DE DONDER, Maria Caroline, 9
DELAERE, Palmyre, 96
DE TOT, Ivanis, 34
DE TOT, Octavia, 34
DE WONDEHER, Eugenio, 34
DIERICKS, Joannis, 9
DIERICKS, Lawrence, 9
DIERICKS, Paulo, 9
GIES, Catherine, 34
GRILLET, Joseph, 96
HUVAESE, Henry, 96
KEMPE, Ambrosii, 34
KEMPE, Augustus, 34
KEMPE, Frederici, 34
KEMPE, Julius, 34
KEMPE, Leonie, 34
KETETE, Aloysio, 9
KIEFER, Catharina, 9
KIEFER, Josephi, 9
LAPPEN, Adolpho, 34
LEBILE, Gaston, 96
LEBILE, John, 96
LEMMER, Henrici, 34
LEMMER, Maria, 34
LEMMER, William, 34
LOOK, Antonio, 9
MAETEM, Mathilda, 9
MARTIN, Joanne, 34
MATTON, Arthur, 96
OORKET, Rosa, 34
PETERS, Adolph, 96
PETERS, Francis, 96
PLOW, Maria, 8
ROSELLA, Julia, 34
SETTLE, Catharina, 9
TERSOON, Antonia, 34
THIENPONT, Nathalia, 34
TURINE, Petronella, 9
VAN COILLIE, Camillus, 34
VAN COILLIE, Caroli, 34
VAN COILLIE, Felice, 34
VAN DE WALKE, Franciscus, 34
VAN DE WALKE, Maria, 34
VAN GUVARA, Ludovici, 34
VAN GUVARA, Melanie, 34
VAN HOVE, Maria, 34
VAN HOOREBEKE, Augustinus, 9
VAN HOOREBEKE, Petri Francisci, 9
VAN TORRA, Emma, 96
VAN TORRE, Edward, 96
VAN TORRE, Lena, 96
VAN TRAYE, Emma, 34
VAN TURNHAUT, Ludovica, 34
VERBRUGGE, Edward, 96
VERBRUGGE, Magdalena, 96
VERVAECKE, illegible, 34
VERVAECKE, Matthias, 34
WARNER, Caroli, 34
WARNER, Emilius, 34
WARNER, Henrico, 34
WINNIE, Marie, 34

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