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County Scott, MO, USA

U.S. Federal Census 1860

Extract of families with Belgian connections
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Here is an extraction of families with Belgian connections from the 1860 U.S. Federal Census of Scott County Missouri.
Census taken as of June 1, 1860.
The format is as follows:
page#/dwelling #/family#/name/age/sex/occupation/value real estate/value personal estate/birthplace/any other notation.
"Attended school" means attended school within the year.
"Can't read/write" means person over the age of 20 who cannot read and write.
Source: (U.S.) National Archives publication M653, roll 657.

Scott Co. Missouri, Moreland Township, Post Office Benton 
p7	-36/37/	John Legrand/40/M/carpenter/270/50/Belgium
		Barbary Legrand/31/F/Bavaria
		John Hasler/6/M/Missouri/attended school
		Franklin Hasler/4/M/Missouri
p14	-87/89/	Mary(?) Rober/57/F/farmer/700/250/Belgium
		Nicholas Rober/26/M/farmhand/Belgium
		Jacob Rober/24/M/farmhand/Belgium
		Peter Rober/22/M/farmhand/Belgium
		Charley Rober/17/M/farmhand/Belgium
p15		Mary Rober/15/F/Belgium
	-88/90/	John Thomas/58/M/farmer/1700/700/Belgium
		Catharina Thomas/44/F/Belgium
		Sophia Thomas/19/F/Ohio
		Peter Thomas/23/M/farmhand/Ohio/can't read/write
		Anthony Thomas/15/M/farmhand/Ohio/attended school
		Mathias Thomas/12/M/Ohio/attended school
		Hannah Thomas/9/F/Missouri
		Joseph Thomas/11/M/Missouri
		Catherine Thomas/5/F/Missouri
		John Thomas/1/M/Missouri
p18	-111/113/	Charles Fetter/36/M/farmer/800/300/France
		Mary Fetter/36/F/Belgium
		Michael Fetter/15/M/farmhand/Ohio
		Henry Fetter/14/M/Ohio
		Barbary Fetter/13/F/Ohio
		Catherine Fetter/8/F/Ohio/attended school
		William Fetter/7/M/Missouri/attended school
		George Fetter/5/M/Missouri
		Lawrence Fetter/3/M/Missouri
		John Fetter/ 3mos/M/Missouri
		Andrew Fetter/3 mos/M/Missouri
p32	-210/212/	Francis Lagrand/32/M/farmer/800/500/Belgium
		Mary J. Lagrand/35/F/Belgium
		Joseph Lagrand/6/M/Missouri
		Louis Lagrand/3/M/Missouri
		Nicholas Lagrand/9mos./Missouri
		Mary J. Charlier (?)/73/F/Belgium
		Jackson Charler (?)/26/M/Belgium/idiotic
		Constantine Dohojne/18/M/farmhand/Belgium
p33	-215/217/	John Lagrand/40/M/carpenter/150/60/Belgium
		Barbary Lagrand/38/F/Bavaria
		John Heisler/8/M/Missouri/attended school
		Stephen Heisler/6/M/Missouri
	-216/218/	Mathias Kettel/29/M/farmhand/Germany (actually born Belgium)
		Magdalina Kettel/28/F/Ohio
		Michael Kettel/7/M/Missouri
		Hannah Kettel/6/F/Missouri
		Joseph Kettel/3/M/Missouri
		Edward Kettel/1/M/Missouri
p34	-220/222/	Nicholas Hep(?)/47/M/farmer/400/225/Belgium/can't read/write
		Mary T. Hep/39/F/Belgium/can't read/write
		Joseph Hep/6/M/Missouri
		Mary Hep/4/F/Missouri
		Francis Hep/2/M/Missouri
		John B. Hep/6 mos./M/Missouri
	-221/223/	Mary A. Lagrand/68/F/Belgium/can't read/write
		Peter Voigt/29/M/farmer/-/125/Prussia
		Catherine Voigt/23/F/Ohio/can't read/write
		Catherine Voigt/1 mo./F/Missouri
	-223/225/	Barbary Gocha/60/F/farmer/800/275/Belgium/can't read/write
		John Gocha/19/M/farmhand/Ohio
	-224/226/	Nicholas Welter/43/M/farmer/800/325/Belgium
		Catherine Welter/30/F/Belgium
		Henry Welter/15/M/farmhand/Ohio
		Anna L. Welter/11/F/Ohio/attended school
		John Welter/7/M/Missouri
		Michle Welter/6/M/Missouri
		Peter Welter/4/M/Missouri
		Joseph Welter/11 mos./M/Missouri
p40	-258/260/	Benedict Scherer/34/M/farmer/1000/200/Baden/
		Mary Scherer/25/F/Belgium
		Joseph Scherer/5/M/Missouri
		John Scherer/3/M/Missouri
		Mary Scherer/1/F/Missouri
		Scott County Missouri, Kelso Township, Post Office Kelso
p86	-573/575/	Hubard J. Legrand/29/M/farmhand/240/150/Belgium
		Catherine Legrand/27/F/Ohio/can't read/write
		Mary T. Legrand/5/F/Missouri
p87			Elizabeth Legrand/3/F/Missouri
		Mary L. Legrand/1/F/Missouri
	-576/578/	Michle Gocha/30/M/farmer/480/300/Belgium
		Josephine Gocha/24/F/Belgium/can't read/write
		Mary Gocha/6 mos./F/Missouri

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