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Scott Co. (Missouri)

U.S. Federal Census 1870

Extract of families with Belgian connections
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Here is an extraction of families with Belgian connections from the 1870 U.S. Federal Census of Scott County Missouri.
Census taken as of June 1, 1870.
The format is as follows:
page#/ dwelling #/family#/name/age/sex/color/occupation/value real estate/value personal estate/birthplace/father of foreign birth?/mother of foreign birth?/if born within year, state month/if married within year, state month/attended school within year/cannot read/cannot write/whether deaf & dumb, blind, insane, or idiotic/male citizen of US of 21 yrs. or older/right to vote denied.
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Source: (U.S.) National Archives publication M593, roll 805. Census taken as of June 1, 1870.
Kay Brusati

Scott County Missouri, Moreland Township, Post Office Commerce

p1  - 2/2
HESS, Nicholas/57/M/W/Farmer/800/400/Belgium/father&mother foreign/cannot read or 
write/deaf &dumb, blind, insane, or idiotic (mark indicates one or more)/citizen
HESS, Mary T/48/F/W/Keeping house/Belgium/father & mother foreign
HESS, Joseph/16/M/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
HESS, Mary C/14/F/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
HESS, Francis/12/M/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
HESS, John B/10/M/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
HESS, Nicholas/8/M/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign

p1- 3/3 
OURTH, Nicholas/67/M/W/Farmer/1800/700/Belgium/father & mother foreign/citizen
OURTH, Susan/67/F/W/Keeping house/Belgium/father & mother foreign
OURTH, Michael/35/M/W/Farmer/Belgium/father & mother foreign/citizen
GOSHE, John/27/M/W/Farm laborer/Belgium/father & mother foreign/married May/citizen
GOSHE, Catherine/27/F/W/Keeping house/Belgium/father & mother foreign

ULRICK, Bernard/59/M/W/Farmer/1000/400/Bavaria/father & mother foreign
ULRICK, Margaret/57/F/W/Keeping house/Belgium/father & mother foreign
ULRICK, Edward?/20/M/W/Farmer/Ohio/father & mother foreign
ULRICK, Rosalie/18/F/W/at home/Ohio/father & mother foreign
ULRICK, Mary/16/F/W/at home/Ohio/father & mother foreign 
ULRICK, Amelia/14/F/W/at home/Missouri/father & mother foreign

LEGRAND, Joseph/39/M/W/Farmer/1000/400/Belgium/father & mother foreign/citizen
LEGRAND, Catherine/36/F/W/Keeping house/Ohio/father & mother foreign
LEGRAND, Theresa/15/F/W/at home/Missouri/father foreign
LEGRAND, Elisabeth/13/F/W/at home/Missouri/father foreign
LEGRAND, Louisa/11?/F/W/Missouri/father foreign
LEGRAND, Rosalie/9/F/W/MIssouri/father foreign
LEGRAND, Anton/7/M/W/Missouri/father foreign
LEGRAND, Magdalena/4/F/W/Missouri/father foreign
LEGRAND, Louisa/1/F/W/Missouri/father foreign

LEGRAND, Peter/40/M/W/Farmer/800/500/Belgium/father & mother foreign
LEGRAND, Josephine/18/F/W/Keeping house/Missouri/father & mother foreign
LEGRAND, Leo/7/M/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
LEGRAND, Mary/3/F/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
LEGRAND, August/5/M/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
LEGRAND, Louis/?/M/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
LEGRAND, Catherine/10/12/Missouri/father & mother foreign/born Aug.
BOYER, Rosa/15/F/W/at home/Missouri/father foreign

DOHOGNE, John J/57/M/W/Farmer/2000/600/Belgium/father & mother foreign
DOHOGNE, Mary Ann/58/F/W/Keeping house/Belgium/father & mother foreign
DOHOGNE, Joseph/21/M/W/Farm laborer/Belgium/father & mother foreign
DOHOGNE, Adolph/19/M/W/Farm laborer/Belgium/father & mother foreign
HOGIE, Mary/10/F/W/at home/Missouri/father & mother foreign 
ROSSMAN, LOUIS/20/M/W/Carpenter/Hesse Darmstadt/father & mother foreign

THOMAS, Catherine/52/F/W/Keeping house/2000/1000/Belgium/father & mother foreign
THOMAS, Antony/24/M/W/Farmer/Ohio/father & mother foreign
THOMAS, Mathias/22/M/W/Farmer/Ohio/father & mother foreign
THOMAS, Joseph/20/M/W/Farmer/Ohio/father & mother foreign
THOMAS, John/12/M/W/Farmer/Missouri/father & mother foreign
THOMAS, Hannah/17/F/W/at home/Missouri/father & mother foreign
THOMAS, Catherine/14/F/W/at home/Missouri/father & mother foreign

LEGRAND, Michael/44/M/W/Farmer/1000/500/Belgium/father & mother foreign/citizen
LEGRAND, Angeline/26/F/W/Keeping house/Belgium/father & mother foreign
LEGRAND, Mary/7/F/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign 
LEGRAND, Emma/6/F/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
LEGRAND, Frank/4/M/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
LEGRAND, John/3/M/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
LEGRAND, Joseph/1/M/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
LABB?, Elisabeth/59?/F/W/at home/France/father & mother foreign

DOHOGNE, August/33/M/W/Farmer/1200/500/Belgium/father & mother foreign
DOHOGNE, Catherine/30/F/W/Keeping house/Ohio/father & mother foreign
DOHOGNE, Joseph/5/M/W/Missouri/father foreign

Scott County Missouri, Moreland Township, Benton Post Office

KEMP, Francis/60/M/W/Farmer/1000/600/Belgium/father & mother foreign/citizen
KEMP, Catherine/59/F/W/Keeping house/Belgium/father & mother foreign
KEMP, Anna/14/F/W/at home/Missouri/father & mother foreign
KEMP, Nicholas/27/M/W/Farm laborer/Ohio/father & mother foreign/citizen

DOHOGNE, Henry J.67/M/W/Farmer/-/1000/Belgium/father & mother foreign/citizen
DOHOGNE, Maria/67/F/W/Keeping house/Belgium/father & mother foreign

GOSHE, John/27/M/W/Farmer/1700/600/Ohio/father & mother foreign/citizen
GOSHE, Mary J/25/F/W/Keeping house/Belgium/father & mother foreign
GOSHE, Henry J/3/M/W/Missouri/mother foreign
GOSHE, George A/9/12/M/W/Missouri/mother foreign/born Oct.
MORTALLIS(?), Joseph/15/M/W/Farm laborer/Missouri/father & mother foreign

DEHOOK, Nicholas/30/M/W/Farmer/1500/800/Belgium/father & mother foreign
DEHOOK, Mary/67/F/W/Keeping house/Belgium/father & mother foreign
LUPSKE, WILLIAM/18/M/W/Farm laborer/Prussia/father & mother foreign

DOHOGNE, Constantine/28/M/W/Farmer/2000/600/Belgium/father & mother foreign/citizen
DOHOGNE, Rosa/21/F/W/Keeping house/Missouri/father & mother foreign
DOHOGNE, Catherine/2/F/W/Missouri/father foreign
DOHOGNE, Anna/2/12/F/W/Missouri/father foreign/born Apr

LEGRAND, Francis/42/M/W/Farmer/5000/1500/Belgium/father & mother foreign/citizen
LEGRAND, Mary/44/F/W/Keeping house/Belgium/father & mother foreign
LEGRAND, Joseph/16/M/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
LEGRAND, Louis/12/M/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
LEGRAND, Nicholas/10/M/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
LEGRAND, John B/8/M/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
LEGRAND, Mary/6/F/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
LEGRAND, Leo/4/M/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
LEGRAND, Felix/1/M/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
GILLIS, Hubert/64/M/W/Belgium/father & mother foreign
GERRARD,Henry/73/M/W/Belgium/father & mother foreign

Scott County Missouri, Kelso Township, Post Office Commerce

DUMIE[DUMEY]/Joseph J/32/M/W/Farmer/1200/500/France[BEL]/father&mother foreign/citizen
DUMIE, Catherine/29/F/W/Keeping house/Ohio/father & mother foreign
DUMIE, Magdalene/8/F/W/Missouri/father foreign
DUMIE, Rosa/3/F/W/Missouri/father foreign
DUMIE, Charles H/7/12/M/W/Missouri/father foreign/born Dec
HAHN, Philip/7/M/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign

WELTER, Nicholas/55/M/W/Farmer/1200/800/Belgium/father & mother foreign/citizen
WELTER, Catherine/45/F/W/Keeping house/Belgium/father & mother foreign
WELTER, John/18/M/W/Farm laborer/Missouri/father & mother foreign
WELTER, Michael/14/M/W/Farm laborer/Missouri/father & mother foreign
WELTER, Peter/12/M/W/at home/Missouri/father & mother foreign
WELTER, Joseph/10/M/W/at home/Missouri/father & mother foreign
WELTER, Nicholas/8/M/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
WELTER, Henry/6/M/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
WELTER, Jacob/4/M/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign

DUMIE[DUMEY], John/59/M/W/Farmer/100/800/Belgium/father & mother foreign/citizen
DUMIE, Mary Ann/59/F/W/Keeping house/Belgium/father & mother foreign
DUMIE, John B/22/M/W/Farm laborer/Ohio/father & mother foreign/citizen
DUMIE, Mary T/19/F/W/at home/Missouri/father & mother foreign
DUMIE, Mary C/16/F/W/at home/Missouri/father & mother foreign
LINK, Joseph/45/M/W/Farm laborer/France/father & mother foreign/citizen

SHERER?, Benedict/44/M/W/Farmer/1000/500/Baden/father & mother foreign/citizen
SHERER, Mary/?/F/W/Keeping house/Belgium/father & mother foreign
SHERER, Joseph/?/M/W/at home/Missouri/father & mother foreign
SHERER, John G/13/M/W/at home/Missouri/father & mother foreign
SHERER, Mary/11/F/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
SHERER, Anna/9/F/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
SHERER, Hattie/7/F/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
SHERER, Benedict/2/M/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign
SHERER, Theresa/5/12/Missouri/father & mother foreign/born Jany

DUMIE[DUMEY], Joseph P/26/M/W/Farmer/800/400/Belgium/mother&father foreign
DUMIE, Magdalene/27/F/W/Keeping house/Ohio
DUMIE, Mary L/5/F/W/Missouri/father foreign
DUMIE, Mary P/3/F/W/Missouri/father foreign
DUMIE, Mary R/1/F/W/Missouri/father foreign
HAHN, George/9/M/W/Missouri/father foreign

OURTH, Antony/70/M/W/Shoemaker/400/200/Belgium/father & mother foreign/citizen
OURTH, Maria/76/F/W/Keeping house/Belgium/father & mother foreign
OURTH, Charles/9/M/W/Missouri/father & mother foreign

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