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St Louis City (Missouri)

U.S. Federal Census 1920
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Last Name,First Rel. Sex Age Immigr. Status Yr Nat. Birth Place / Language Parents / Language Occupation
WINDEY, Arthur X M 40 1907 Al bel/Flemish bel/Flemish gas fitter Gas Co.
WINDEY, Bertha W F 39 1910 Al bel/Flemish bel/Flemish saleslady Bakery Co.
WINDEY, Rudolph S M 17 1910 Al bel/Flemish bel/Flemish Helper Street Car Co.
WINDEY, Josephine D F 14 1910 Al bel/Flemish bel/Flemish Milliner Retail Store
WINDEY, Edward GF M 75 1919 Al bel/Flemish bel/Flemish none
WINDEY, Josephine M F 60 1919 Al bel/Flemish bel/Flemish none
MISPELSERE, Camile Boarder M 37 1910 Al bel/Flemish bel/Flemish laborer factory
FORRE, Emile X M 31 1909 Na 1919 bel/Flemish bel/Flemish chauffeur railroad Co.
FORRE, Martha W F 38 1910 Na 1919 bel/Flemish bel/Flemish none
FORRE, Harry S M 5 Missouri bel/Flemish none
FORRE, Bertha D F 3 Missouri bel/Flemish none
BELACY, Edward X M 40 1905 Na 1918 bel/Flemish bel/Flemish motorman railroad Co.
BELACY, Helen W F 36 1906 Na 1918 bel/Flemish bel/Flemish none
BELACY, Ernest S M 15 1906 Na 1918 bel/Flemish bel/Flemish errand boy stationery Co.
BELACY, Emile S M 11 Missouri bel/Flemish
BELACY, Edward S M 8 Missouri bel/Flemish
BELACY, Arthur S M 4 Missouri bel/Flemish
LORRE, Modest X M 34 1909 Na 1918 bel/Flemish bel/Flemish chauffeur - private family
LORRE, Marie W F 33 1909 Na 1918 bel/Flemish bel/Flemish none
LORRE, Mildred D F 15m bel/Flemish bel/Flemish

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Microfilm# 1820950
Enumeration Date: 2 Jan 1920
Enumeration District: ED 247
Line 72

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