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Crawford County

Belgian Glassblowers in Meadville by Annette Lynch
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The families did not stay here very long - the glass factories burned down, and many of the families moved west to Indiana. Consequently, the material is not extensive but I hope you find it interesting and useful. I think some of the names are badly misspelled!

If anyone wants to know more about the glass industry here, he or she can contact me.

Here in Meadville, Pennsylvania, we had a glassblowing industry between 1882 and 1895 (roughly). Glassblowers from Belgium were recruited for the glass houses. I have collected information about the Belgian community here, from church records, city birth and death records, marriage licenses, etc. I would be happy to share this information with other researchers.

Annette Lynch
Meadville, PA

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André, Léon Adhémard
Born 1860, Belgium
Declaration of intent to become a citizen filed, Crawford Co., Pa., 13 Feb. 1889
Godfather for Alexandre L. Carlier, bapt. St. Brigid R.C. Church, Meadville, Pa., 1 Feb. 1891
Residing with brother in boarding house, [291] Linden St., Meadville, as of July 1886
Employed Keystone Glass Works
Charged with indecent assault on Julia Wery, dau. of Jean Batiste Wery; bound over to September term of court, jailed (see Meadville Tribune, 21 July 1886, "Trouble Among the Belgians"
Aube, Annie
Wife of Jean Baptiste Wery Jr.
Bastin, Jean Joseph
Glass cutter, residing on Linden Ave. (1886-87 Meadville City Directory)
Wife Marie Ladriere
Dau. Alida, b. 26 Sept. 1883, bapt. 13 April 1884, St. Brigidís; godparents Vitale Houze and Florienne Ladriere
Son Armand, b. 10 Sept. 1886, bapt. 20 Feb. 1887, St. Brigidís; godparents Julien Ladriere, Alice Lambert (Note: letter dated 22 June 1910 to St. Brigidís, re: marriage of Armand to Catherine Hess, dau. of George Hess andElisabeth Helfert, at St. Francis Xavier R. C. Church, Vincennes, IN)
Godfather of Jeanne Houze, bapt. 13 April 1884, St. Brigidís
Son George d. 23 Nov. 1882, in first year of life; buried St. Brigidís Cemetery
Bois, Jules
"Juel" Bois, residing 1364 S. Main St., [Third Ward], Meadville, PA, 1886 assessment
wife Zoë Lusuf [also given as Louseaux]
dau. Victorine, b. 15 March 1885, bapt. 24 April 1885, St. Brigidís; godmother Marie V. Savageot
Zoë Louseaux godmother for Olaf Schmidt, bapt. 11 Aug. 1885, St. Brigidís
On 21 Aug. 1885, Jules Bois complained before Justice Wenz that Mrs. Juliette Brichard had hit him with a spade, causing wounds and bruises; arrested, difficulty amicably arranged. [Crawford Journal, Meadville, PA, 28 Aug. 1885]
Bordas or Brodas, Turiof
Glassblower, residing Park Avenue (1886-87 Meadville City Directory)
Gave consent to marrige of Fravios Brodas, age 16, to Augustus J. Richelet, 14 Dec. 1886 (Crawford Co., PA, Marriage License, 1:453)
Brikite, Eugenia
Born August 1847, Belgium (1900 census)
Wife of Ulgis Houze
Brique, Julius
Wife Adolphine
Son Julius, d. 1887, age 19 days (St. Brigid burial register)
Busshmit, Frank
Wife Eva ___
Dau. Frances b. 24 July 1882 (Meadville city birth records)
Carlier [also given as Carrière], Alexandre
Born 1859, Jumet, Belgium
Declaration of intent to become a citizen filed, Crawford Co., Pa., 31 Oct. 1889
Wife Elisa or Elisabeth Jacquet
Son Alex L., b. 5 July 1890, Meadville; residing in Fayette Co., Pa., 1951 (Crawford Co. delayed birth records, #2513); bapt. 1 Feb. 1891, St. Brigidís, godparents Léon André and Cath. Wuchner
Son George A., b. 11 March 1888, Meadville, at South Park Avenue (city birth records); residing Fayette Co., Pa., 1953 (Crawford Co. delayed birth records, #2663)
DeBracque, Camille
Godmother for Réné Houze, bapt. 6 June 1886, St. Brigidís
Married 10 Nov. 1886, Kerrtown (Vernon Twp., Crawford Co., Pa.), by Rev. D. D. Leberman, Léon Berger (Meadville Tribune, 17 Nov. 1886)
DeBreque, Jean Baptiste
Glass works, residing South Water (1886-87 Meadville city directory)
Dehaute, Julienne
Wife of Victor Lalieu
Denuit, Victor
Residing South Main St. (1886-87 Meadville city directory)
Residing 1276 S. Main, Third Ward, Meadville (1888 tax records)
Residing Eaton, Union Twp., Delaware Co., Indiana,1900: #219/239 Victor Denuit, born March 1844, Belgium, arr. US 1881, glassblower, married 33 years; Zepherine, born August 1843, Belgium, 8 children, 6 living; Victor Jr., b. Jan. 1884, Ohio
Detryx, Alphonse
Residing 283 Pine St. (1886-87 Meadville City Directory)
Residing 1194 Canal St., Third Ward, Meadville (1886 assessment)
Detryx, Emile
Born 1864, Belgium
Declaration of intent to become a citizen filed, Crawford Co., Pa., 14 Feb. 1890
Dognieux. Fortunée
Laborer, glass works; residing Mercer Pike, Kerrtown (1886-87 Meadville City Directory)
Godfather for Tiberana Guignet, bapt. 11 Aug. 1886, St. Brigidís
Fortune Dogneaux, a Frenchman formerly working at glass factory, Meadville, incurred hatred of Belgian workmen at Bradford Glass Works, where he was foreman. Over use of non-union workers. Attacked by Belgians, eyes gouged out Ė may have sight of one eye. (Crawford Journal, Meadville, PA, 15 August 1884) Note: Good possibility he was actually Belgian
Dognieux, Julia
Wife of August Guignet
Dubois, Alexis
Born 4 Oct. 1844, Belgium
Declaration of intent to become a citizen filed, 18 Dec. 1889, Crawford Co., PA
"Alexin" Dubois, glassblower, residing South Main (1886-87 Meadville city directory)
"Alexis Deboi" residing 1276 S. Main, Third Ward, Meadville (1886 assessment
1900 census, Center Twp., Delaware Co., IN: #--/123 Alex Dubois, born Oct. 1843, Belgium, arr. US 1885, glassblower, married 1 year; Mary, born Nov. 1853, Belgium, arr. US 1895
Dubois, Antoine
Born Nov. 1848, Belgium
Declaration of intent, 18 Dec. 1889, Crawford Co., PA
"Anthone" Deboi," res. 1276 S. Main, Third Ward, Meadville (1886 assessment)
Antoine Dubois, Belgian glassblower, robbed of $1000 while intoxicated at York House (Meadville Tribune, 8 Jan. 1885) Ė two young men arrested for the robbery, one in Meadville and one caught in Chicago (Meadville Tribune, 22 Jan. 1885)
Dubois, Baudouin
Born 1843, Belgium
Declaration of intent to become a citizen filed 21 May 1890, Crawford Co., Pa.
Dubois, Clement
Born January 1844, Belgium
Declaration of intent filed 18 Dec. 1889, Crawford Co., Pa.
Clement "Deboi", residing 1276 S. Main St., Third Ward, Meadville (1886, 1888 assessment)
1900 census, Center Twp., Delaware Co., IN: #134/140, "Clayman" Dubois, b. Jan. 1842, Belgium, arr. US 1884, glassblower, married 26 years; Mary, b. August 1849, Belgium, arr. US 1885, 4 children, all living; Juliette, b. Nov. 1879, Belgium, arr. 1885, clerk dry goods; Fred, b. Jan. 1883, Belgium, arr. 1885, glass gatherer; Maude, b. April 1885, Belgium, at school; Mary Pierce, dau., b. Jan. 1876, Belgium, arr. 1885, widow, 1 child, clerk china store; Harriet Pierce, granddau., b. Aug. 1895, Ind.
Dubois, Sylvan
"of Charles-le-Roi"
married 3 Dec. 1883, at Meadville, PA, by Justice Pentz, Angelica Dulière, also of "Charles-le-Roi" (Crawford Journal, Meadville, PA, 7 Dec. 1883)
glass cutter, res. Park Avenue (Meadville city birth records)
son Raymond George, b. 20 Oct. 1884, bapt. 30 Nov. 1884, St. Brigidís, godparents Henry Dulière and Alphonsina Dulière
son Gaston Sylvester, b. 21 Aug. 1885, bapt. 11 Oct. 1885, St. Brigidís; godparents Flores Dulière, Philomène Dulière
[Note: Meadville city birth recoreds indicate females born to family in 1884 and 1885]
Sylvani Dubois, res. 1328 Park Ave., Fourth Ward, Meadville Ė 1885 assessment
1900 census, Muncie, Centre Twp., Delaware Co., Ind.: 4th Ward, 1107 E. Washington: Household of Jose Hochet includes Raymond Dubois, boarder, b. August 1884, Penna., of Belgian parents, apprentice glass blower
DuFour, Eugene
Res. 1194 Canal, Third Ward, Meadville, PA (city directory, 1886)
Dulière, Alphonsina
Godmother for Raymond George Dubois, bapt. 30 Nov. 1884, St. Brigidís
Mother of Stella Z. Dulière, b. ca. 1871 (Crawford Co. Marriage License, 3-13)
Possibly wife of Henry Dulière
Dulière, Angelica
"of Charles-le-Roi," per records of St. Brigidís R.C. Church, Meadville, PA
married 3 Dec. 1883, in Meadville, by Justice Pentz, Sylvan Dubois (Crawford Journal, 7 Dec. 1883)
Dulière, Flores
Godfather for Gaston Sylvester Dubois, bapt. 11 Oct. 1885, St. Brigidís
Dulière, Henry
Born 1838, Belgium
"Mr. H. Dulliere and L. Houze returned home Wednesday evening from Bellaire, O., having filled their contract for building a gas glass factory in that place. Mr. H. Dulliere will leave here again the last of September for the west, where he is expected to look after the building of one or more factories. He will be absent for a number of weeks." (Meadville Tribune-Republican, 11 Sept. 1885)
Died July 1886, Meadville, PA., in 48th year (St. Brigidís burial records); died of carcinoma, a resident of Meadville for four years, married (Meadville city death records)
Funeral at 4 p.m. Sunday at St. Brigidís, very large attendance, Pastor Dunn was celebrant, sermon in French by Fr. Cogneville; buried St. Brigid Cemetery (Meadville Tribune-Republican, 21 July 1886)
Declaration of intent to become a citizen filed 5 June 1886, Crawford Co., Pa.
Employed at glass works; residing Linden Avenue (1886-87 Meadville city directory)
Godfather for Raymond George Dubois, bapt. 30 Nov. 1884, St. Brigidís
Henry "Dullier", res. Water St., 4th Ward, Meadville, 1885, 1886 (assessment)
Dulière, Philomène
Godmother for Gaston Sylvester Dubois, bapt. 11 Oct. 1885, St. Brigidís
Dulière, Stella Z.
Married 24 Dec. 1888, Meadville, Pa., by W. A. Dougan, Esq., Alphonse Lefever of Pittsburgh, glassblower (Meadville Tribune-Republican, 26 Dec. 1888); per Crawfored Co. Marriage License 3-13, Alphonse was b. 20 Nov. 1865, Estella b. ca. 1871, dau. of Alphonsina Dulière
Son Marcel Henry Lefeve[r], born 23 Nov. 1889, bapt. 20 April 1890, St. Agathaís R.C. Church, Meadville, PA; godparents Leopold Viesle and Leontina Tonelliere; born S. Park Alley, to Alphonse and Estelle Lefevre, glassblower, per city birth recoreds
Durraux, Julien
Born 1839, Belgium
Declaration of intent filed 13 Feb. 1889, Crawford Co., Pa.
Durieux, Louis
Employed at glass works, residing Adams, Kerrtown (1886 Meadville city directory)
"Lewis Deriu" res. Liberty St., 3rd Ward, Meadville Ė 1885 assessment
Esterbeck/Sterbeck, Jean Charles
Glass works, res. 1266 Clark Alley (1886-87 Meadville city directory)
Wife Rosamund Mal
Infant dau., newborn, died 16 July 1883, bur. St. Brigid Cemetery
Dau. Laura, b. 16 Nov. 1885, bapt. 23 Jan. 1886, St. Brigidís; godmother Laura Mal
Jno. C. ĎSterbeck, 1054 Hemlock, 3rd Ward, Meadville Ė 1883 assessment
Jno. Chas. ĎSterbeck, no street, 3rd Ward Ė 1884 assessment
Jno. Chas. ĎSterbeck, 1071 Liberty St., 3rd Ward Ė 1885 assessment
1900 census, Center Twp., Delaware Co., IN: #725/764, Charles Sterbeck, born Aug. 1858, Belgium, arr. US 1881, glassblower, married 19 years; Rose, b. May 1861, Belgium, arr. 1881, two children born and living; Camille, adopted son, b. May 1883, Belgium, arr.1882, snapper, glass house; Laura, b. August 1884, Pa., at school.
Everart, Charles
Glassblower, res. Canal St., Meadville (1886 Meadville City Directory;)
Frere, Victor
Married 22 Jan. 1884, by Wenz, J.P., Elvina Yoset, dau. Xavier and Julia Yoset (Crawford Journal, Meadville, PA, 25 Jan. 1884)
Glassblower as of 1885, also railroad laborer
"Mrs. Frierrer" complained about husband Victor Ė threatened to kill her, made life miserable by his abuse; Victor committed to jail for trial, both identified as Belgians (Meadville Tribune, 22 Oct. 1885) Note: The Yoset family was Swiss/French.
Before Dougan, J.P., Mrs. Victor Frerer complained of cruelty by husband, a glassblower; sent to jail (Crawford Journal, Meadville, PA, 23 Oct. 1885)
Dau. Marie b. 11 Nov. 1886, bapt. 18 March 1887, St. Brigidís; godmother Julia Yoset
Son Francis Emile b. 8 April 1891, bapt. 24 May 1891 at St. Brigidís; godparents Francis and Catherine Strack; born at Marhoefer Row on Pine Street (tenement)
SonWilliam Albert b. 10 July 1894, res. 1120 West St., glassblower (Meadville city birth records); bapt. 12 Aug. 1894, St. Brigidís; godparents William Yoset and Adeline Doubet
Son Charles, d. 9 Sept. 1897, age 8 months; bur. St. Brigidís Cem.
Furé, Eugene L.
Res. Mercer St., Meadville
Dau. b. 21 March 1887 (Meadville City birth records)
Guignet, August/Augustin
Wife Julia Dognieux
Dau. Tiberana Julia, b. 2 June 1886, bapt. 11 Aug. 1886, St. Brigidís; godparents Arthur Schmitz and Fortunée Dognieux
Godfather for Augustin Guignet, bapt. 12 Aug. 1883, St. Brigidís
Guignet, Charles
Wife Marie Nicola
Son Augustin b. 23 Apil 1883, bapt. 12 Aug. 1883, St. Brigidís; godparents Augustin Guignet and Flora Guignet
Guignet, Eugene
Born ca. 1830, G----Gosselies, Belgium
Died 10 Nov. 1886, Meadville, PA, in 56th year; burial from St. Brigidís
Died of consumption, age 54; res. Kerrtown (Meadville Tribune-Republican, 17 Nov. 1886)
Wife Aurelia Florent
Dau. Aurelia Sylvia, b. 1 Sept. 1882, bapt. 12 Aug. 1883, St. Brigidís; godparents Eugene Guignet and Sylvia LeJuste
Haubausin (Haubussin, Haubursin, Obersaint, Aubusson), Isidore
Wife Rose
Res. 1085 Liberty St., 3rd Ward, Meadville, PA, 1883 assessment
Dau. bon 12 Dec. 1885; occupation glass blower, res. North St. (Meadville city birth records)
"Isidore Obersaint," godfather to John Roche, bapt. 17 Aug. 1884, St. Brigidís, son of Denis Roche and Louise Pise
See also: 1900 census, Indiana: Haubursin Ė Cameel, b. Jan. 1862, Belgium, arr. 1881, glassblower, married 13 years; Irma, b. Sept. 1865, Belgium, 4 children, 3 living; Edgar, b. July 1890, Ohio; Marino, b. June 1895, Ind.; Mida, b. August 1898, Ind.
Horace, Dusart
Born ca. Jan. 1851
Employed as glassblower at Meadville Glass Works
Residing S. Main St., Meadville (1886 city directory)
Crawford County Marriage License 1:210, Dusart Horace, age 35 years, 4 months, 20 days, residing in Meadville, single; and Hortance Mertier, age 35, residing in Meadville, single
Married 18 May 1886, by Justice Dougan, to Hortence Mertier, lately arrived from Belgium; neither spoke English, interpretation by Adolph Wuchner (Meadville Tribune-Republican, 19 May 1886)
Houze, Adelia
Godmother of Bertha Toussant, bapt. 17 July 1887, St. Brigidís, Meadville
Houze, Dieudonne
Wife Adeline
Residing 360 Willow St., 3rd Ward, Meadville (1883 assessment)
Residing 3rd Ward, no street given (1884 assessment)
Residing ľ lot from Arnold, 3rd Ward (1885 assessment)
Crawford County, PA, deed book H-5:514, made 27 March 1884, recorded 9 April 1884; lot on Liberty Street sold to Dieudonne Houze and Adeline, his wife, for $600, by Columbia Arnault and Andrew Arnault, her husband, of Meadville
Crawford County deed bookR-5:590, made 20 April 1887, recorded 28 Sept. 1887; Dieudonne Houze and wife Adeline, of Meadville, sold two lots on Liberty Street (originally purchased in 1884 from Columbia Arnault), for $600, to August Midot and wife Nora of East Fairfield Twp.
Houze, Jeanne
Godmother for Jeanne Houze, bapt. 13 April 1884, St. Brigidís
Married 10 Nov. 1886, to Adolph Wuchner, at Kerrtown, by Rev. D. D. Leberman; both of Meadville (Meadville Tribune-Republican, 17 Nov. 1886)
Possibly Eugenia Brikite Houze, wife of Ulgis
See also assessment 1886, Mrs. Eugenia Houze, Mead Twp.
Houze, John
Glassblower, residing South Liberty (1886-87 Meadville city directory)
See also:
1900 census, Muncie, IN (Center Twp., Delaware Co.): 149/128, 530 Winsor St., 6th Ward, John Houze, born August 1875, age 24, born Belgium, glassworker, arr. US 1880; Jennie, wife, born April 1879, b. Illinois, age 21; married 2 years
1600 Penn St., Muncie, IN: 124/781, John Houze, born March 1848, France, glassblower, arr. US 1880; Adline, born Nov. 1851, France, arr. 1880; married 22 years; 5 children, 2 living
Houze, Julia
Married 22 Nov. 1884, at Meadville, Louis Toussant; ceremony by Justice Wenz (Crawford Journal, Meadville, PA, 28 Nov. 1884)
Houze, Léon
Born 1857, Belgium
Declaration of intent to become a citizen filed 1 July 1886, Crawford Co., PA
Married 12 Dec. 1883, by Rev. Richard Craighead, Lizzie Catala (Cathalla), daughter of Charles Catala and Elizabeth Montagne (Crawford Journal, Meadville, PA, 21 Dec. 13); Lizzie was born 4 Feb. 1866, bapt. at St. Brigidís, 11 April 1866, as "Josephine," godparents Joseph Jeunet and Melanie Senninger. She died in childbirth, 26 Jan. 1885, age 18 years, 11 months; bur. Greendale Cemetery, Meadville.
Orphanís Court, No. 37 September Term 1899: Norman Houze states he is a minor under the age of 16, the child of Leon Houze, a glassblower, who has no permanent address. His mother died at his birth and his grandmother, Mrs. Elizabeth Cathalla of Meadville, took charge of him as soon as he was born. His only estate is money left by his maternal grandfather. His fatherís residence is unknown, and Norman now wants to work for the Erie Railroad to learn the machinist trade, but needs someone to sign contract. Elizabeth Cathalla appointed guardian.
1900 census, Center Twp., Delaware Co., IN: 1313 E. Jackson St., 4th Ward, Muncie: Leon Houze, born March 1871, Belgium, arr. US 1878, window glassblower, married 5 years; Martha, born Feb. 1877, Ohio, two children; Dianne, born July 1895, Ohio; Cletus, born April 1898, Ohio; others in household
1900 census, 4th Ward, Meadville, PA: Elizabeth Cathala, widow, born June 1846, Pa., of French parents; Norman Houze, grandson, born June 1885, Pa., call boy with railroad
Houze, Mrs. Louise
Housekeeper, residing 1275 South Main St. (1886 Meadville city directory)
Houze, Luc
Born 1842, Belgium
Declaration of intent to become a citizen, 1 July 1886, Crawford Co., PA
Glass blower, residing Park Avenue (1886 Meadville city directory)
Godfather for Luc Membourg, bapt. 18 Aug. 1885, St. Brigidís
"Mr. Luc Houze, a thorough and cultivated musician, is prepared to arrange music for piano, organ, orchestra or band. He will also compose music for songs. Persons desiring his services can leave their orders at Waeldeís music store, and may rest assured that the work will be speedily, skillfully and satisfactorily done." ( Crawford Democrat, Meadville, PA, 2 Feb. 1882)
On Sept. 7, 1882, Luc went to NYPANO depot to meet friends expected to arrive from Belgium. While waiting, had lunch at York House. Returning to depot, beaten and robbed of $9.00. Two arrested and jailed. (Crawford Journal, 15 Sept. 1882)
Residing 3rd Ward, no street given, 1884 assessment
Residing 1276 South Main, 3rd Ward, 1885 assessment
Residing Mead Township, 1886 assessment
Houze, Maria Lydia
Born August 1860, Belgium (see 1900 census)
Married Léopold Membourg
Houze, Marie
Godmother for Luc Membourg, bapt. 18 Aug. 1885, St. Brigidís
Houze, Rosine
Possibly married Isidore Mal
Godmother for Victorine Membourg, bapt. 13 May 1884, St. Brigidís
Houze, Teresa
Godmother for Edward Houze, bapt. 30 April 1882, St. Brigidís
Houze, Ulgisse (many bad variations in spelling!)
Born Aug. 1844, Lobbes, Belgium
Residing 1089 S. Main, 1883 assessment
Declaration of intent filed 22 Jan. 1886, Crawford Co., Pa
Glassblower, residing corner Clark and South Main (1886 Meadville city directory)
Married Eugenia Brikite
Son Jean Baptiste born 7 Feb. 1882, bapt. 26 March 1882, St. Agathaís, Meadville, PA; godparents "Leoppolle Lambert" and Rose Malle
Son Jules Eugene Noel born 25 Dec. 1885, bapt. 17 Jan. 1886, St. Agathaís; sponsors Jules Claude and wife Victorine
1900 census, 1603 E. Jackson St., Muncie, IN: Ulgisse Houze, arrived US 1880, married 31 years; Eugenia, 8 children, 5 living; Fred, born March 1873, Belgium, glassblower, arr. 1880; Marie, born May 1876, Belgium, music teacher; John, born Feb. 1882, Ohio, glass gatherer; Noel, born Dec. 1885, PA, at school
Houze, Vitale
Glassblower, residing Park Avenue (1886 Meadville city directory)\
Born June 1851, France (per 1900 census; however, St. Brigidís records indicate Belgian
Married Fleur/Florienne Ladrière
Son Edward born 26 Dec. 1881, bapt. 30 April 1882 at St. Brigidís; godparents Jean Joseph Bastin, Teresa Houze
Dau. Jeanne born 28 July 1883, bapt. 13 April 1883 at St. Brigidís; godparents Julian Ladriere and Jeannie Houze
Son Réné born 20 June 1885, bapt. 6 June 1886, St. Brigidís; godparents Victor Smoos and Camille Debracque (Note: Meadville city birth records indicates date of birth as 21 July 1885)
Residing 1054 Hemlock, 3rd Ward, Meadville Ė 1883 assessment
Residing West St., 4th Ward Ė 1885 and 1886 assessments
1900 census, 329 S. Grant St., Muncie, IN: household includes children Jennie, born June 1883, PA; Arthur, born Nov. 1889, Ohio
Hubig, Urn?
Glassworker, residing on Linden St., Meadville
Wife Sophia ___
Daughter born 29 Juy 1887 (Meadville city birth records)
Jacquet, Elisabeth/Elise
Born ca. 1861, Jumet, Belgium (Crawford Co., PA, delayed birth records, #2513)
Husband Alexandre Carlier
Jaurett, Léon
Wife Fauza ____
Residing Canal St., Meadville, PA
Daughter born 2 Dec.1886 (Meadville city birth records)
Jenart, Lena
Res. 1174 Canal St. (1886 Meadville city directory)
Jorris, Camille
Res. Adams, Kerrtown (1886 Meadville city directory)
Glass flattener
Born ca. August 1859; age 26 years, 2 months, 23 days at marriage
Crawford Co., PA, Marriage License 1:5; married 17 Oct. 1885 by Justice Dougan, Hortence Tourney, housekeeper, residing in Vernon Twp., age 22 years, single; Joseph Masson applied for license for them
Jorris, Clement
Glassblower, residing 1014 West St. (1886 Meadville city directory)
Wife Philomène Rassart
Residing Vernon Twp., 1885 assessment
Daughter Adele born 16 July 1884, bapt. 17 Aug. 1884, St. Brigidís; godparents Eugène LeJuste and Anna Houze
1900 census, Center Twp., Delaware Co., IN: 153/161, Clement Joris, born March 1845, Belgium, arr. US 1882, glassblower, married 31 years; Philomen, born Jan. 1849, Belgium, arr. 1882, 10 children; Aramis, b. Feb. 1882, Belgium, arr. US 1882, glass gatherer; Ellen, b. July 1883, Pa., in school; Matthew, born Oct. 1885, Illinois, in school; Eddie, b. June 1889, Ind., in school
Ladrière, Fleur/Florienne
Husband Vitale Houze
Born July 1850, France (per 1900 census)
Ladrière, Julian
Box maker, res. Linden Alley (1886 Meadville city directory)
Godfather for Armand Bastin, bapt. 13 April 1884, St. Brigidís
Godfather for Jeanne Houze, bapt. 13 April 1884, St. Brigidís
Ladrière, Marie
Wife of Jean Joseph Bastin
Lalieu, Victor
Glass cutter, residing Clark (1886 Meadville city directory)
Wife Julienne Dehaute
Daughter Eva Marie born 28 Feb. 1886, bapt. 6 June 1886, St. Brigidís; godparents Eugene Balizet and Julie Bruchard
Lambert, Alice
Godmother for Armand Bastin, bapt. 13 April 1884, St. Brigidís
Lambert, Léopold
Godfather for Jean Baptiste Houze, born 7 Feb. 1882, St. Agathaís, Meadville
Lambiotte, Joseph
Glass flattener
Res. 1071 Liberty, 3rd Ward, Meadville, 1883 assessment
Res. 125 Water St., Meadville, 1886 city directory
See also 1900 census, Eatontown, Union Twp., Delaware Co., IN: 326/335, Louis Lambiotte, born Nov. 1856, Belgium, married 15 years, glasscutter; Laura, born Aug. 1861, Belgium, 6 children; Louis E., born July 1884, Belgium, apprentice glasscutter; Jennie D., b. April 1886, Belgium; Oscar R. J., July 1887, Belgium; Ulyssus, March 1893, PA; Laura B., Oct. 1894, PA; Roger J., Aug. 1897, IN
See also 1900 census, Alexandria City, IN: 393/444 Alfred Lambiotte, May 1848, Belgium, arr. 1882, married 39 years, window glassblower; Rose, Feb. 1841, Belgium, 6 children, arr. 1882; Alfred, Feb. 1861, Belgium, arr. 1882, window glass; August, July 1871, Belgium, arr. 1882, window glass; Celina, daughter-in-law, born May 1874, Belgium, arr. 1894; Laura, Nov. 1897, IN
Lambo?, L----
Wife Barbara ____
Residing Canal St.
Daughter born 29 April 1890 (Meadville city birth records)
Lefevre, François
Last April, François Lefevre, a Belgian living in Meadville, left wife and three children. On June 30 he returned, was arrested for desertion, and jailed (Crawford Journal, Meadville, PA 3 July 1885)
LeJuste, Eugene
Glassblower, residing 445 Poplar St.
Res. 1078 Alley off Water, 4th Ward, Meadville, 1886 assessment
Married 23 Aug. 1884, at Meadville, by Justice Pentz, Miss Celina Mal of Meadville; referred to as Eugene Lepiste of Durhamville, NY (Crawford Journal, Meadville, PA, 29 Aug. 1884)
Son Charles M. born 11 Oct. 1884, bapt. 20 August 1885, St. Brigidís; godparents Isidore Mal and Rose Mal
Godfather for Adele Jorris, bpt. 17 Aug. 1884, St. Brigidís
1900 census, Center Twp., Delaware Co., IN (Muncie, 4th Ward): 531/560 Eugene Lejuste, born May 1855, Belgium, arr. 1880, glasscutter, married 16 years; Celina, born June 1866, Belgium, 2 children; Charles, born Oct. 1884, PA, glass snapper; Eugene Jr., Jan. 1886, PA, at school
LeJuste, Sylvia
Godmother for Aurelia Sylvia Guignet, bapt. 12 Aug. 1883, St. Brigidís
Leonard, Jean Baptiste
Res. 1251 S. Water St., 4th Ward, Meadville, 1885 assessment
Glassblower employed at Meadville Glass Works, 1884
Married Miss Julia Henchon, of Meadville, by Justice Wenz, at his office, 10 Nov. 1884 (Meadville Tribune-Republican, 11 Nov. 1884); or, married at residence of T. J. Besanson, Meadville (Crawford Journal, 14 Nov. 1884)
Stillborn infant, 3 Jan. 1885, St. Brigidís burial records
Leroy, Alexandre
Glassblower, res. Mercer St., Meadville (city birth records)
Wife Celina Richelet
Daughter born 28 July 1886 (Meadville city birth records)
Death of infant son, in first year, on 3 July 1887; bur. St. Brigidís Cemetery
Alex Leroy appears in city police records, September 1886, charged with aggravated assault and battery; bound over to court. Two warrants sworn by John Richley (Belgian), his brother-in-law, after threats with knife and revolver, against Richley, wife, whole neighborhood;; Eugene Balizet served as interpreter; much cooler after several hours in jail; identified as Belgian (Meadville Tribune-Republican, 29 Sept. 1886)
Loriaux, Arthur
Glass works, glassblower residing S. Water St. (1886 Meadville city directory)
Born ca. 1856, prob. Belgium
Crawford Co., PA, marriage license 1:425, Arthur, glassblower, age 30 years, 6 months, 14 days, single, and Mrs. Guillemine Trepagne, age 33 years, 1 month, 6 days (born ca. Oct. 1853), widowed 1884, born Belgium; married 10 Nov. 1886, in Kerrtown by Rev. D. D. Leberman; application made by Adolph Wuchner
Mal, Celina/Cecelia
Married 23 Aug. 1884, Meadville, Eugene LeJuste of Durhamville, NY
Mal, Isidore
Godfather for Charles LeJuste, bapt. 20 Aug. 1885, St. Brigidís
Godfather for Victorine Membourg, bapt. 13 May 1883, St. Brigidís
Possibly married Rosine/Rosa Houze
Res. 1085 Liberty St., 3rd Ward, Meadville, 1883 assessment
Res. 101 Liberty St., 1885 assessment
Res. Water St., 4th Ward, 1886 assessment
Mal, Jean E.
1900 census, Center Twp., Delaware Co., IN: 136/142, John E. Mal, born Feb. 1872, Belgium, arr. US 1881; Edith,born Feb. 1880, Ill., of German parents, married 3 years, 1 child; Mildred, born June 1899, Ind.
Mal, Rose
Possibly married Isidore Mal
Maiden name possibly Houze
Godmother for Charles LeJuste, bapt. 20 Aug. 1885, St. Brigidís
Godmother for Jean Baptiste Houze, bapt. 26 March 1882, St. Agathaís
See also 1900 census, Center Twp., Delaware Co., IN: 116/121, Rosin Mal, widow, born Nov. 1836, Belgium, arr. 1881, 6 children, 4 living; Louis, son, born March 1876, Belgium, arr. 1881, naturalized PA, glass gatherer; Paul Debaty?, boarder, born Jan. 1869, Belgium, arr. 1892, glass flattener
July 17, 1885, 4 p.m.:Louis Malle, a boy about ten years of age, while playing around cars standing in brick yard switch in Meadville Yard Ė Had left foot caught between bumbers (sic) of cars causing bad flesh wound Ė The boy was standing on bumbers when switch engine threw some cars in switch running against cars causing boy to fall. Dr. Lashells attended him. Rept. To C. Paine, 8/4/85 (Record of Accidents to Persons, Atlantic and Great Western Railroad, 2nd Division, and Franklin Branch)
Mal, Laura
Godmother of Laura Esterbeck, bapt. 23 Jan.1886, St. Brigidís
See also 1900 census, Center Twp., Delaware Co., IN: 115/120, Arthur Branquart, born June 1867, Belgium, arr. 1890, saloonkeeper, married 2 years; Lora, born Dec. 1869, Belgium, arr. 1881, no children; Jennie Mal, sister-in-law, born July 1874, France of Belgian parents, arr. 1881, single, dry goods clerk
Mal, Peter
Res. 3rd Ward, Meadville, 1884 assessment
Res. 353 Willow St., Meadville, 1885 assessment
Poss. Peter J. Maule, of Youngstown, Ohio, who m. 12 June 1901, St. Brigidís, Meadville, Elizabeth L. Ryan of Vallonia, dau. of William Ryan. Aunt of groom, Mrs. Fay of Youngstown; groom had responsible position in iron mill, bride worked at Philips Chocolate Chip factory (Meadville Morning Star, 13 June 1901)
Mrs. Elizabeth Maule, age 23, born Meadville, died 1 Nov. 1903, typhoid fever and pneumonia; bur. St. Brigid Cemetery, lot 82
Harold Ambrose Maul, born Meadville, died 15 Aug. 1902, age 1 month, summer cough; bur. St. Brigid Cemtery
Mal, Rosamund
Married Charles Esterbeck
Martin, Jules
Res. Park Avenue (1886 Meadville city directory)
Monoyez?, Emile
Glassblower, Plum Alley
Wife Anne Corneille
Dau. Marie born 13 April 1882, Meadville (city birth records), bapt. 22 Oct. 1882, St. Brigidís Ė birthdate gtiven as 3 Sept. 1882; godparents Emile DePasse and Esther Jeunet
See also 1900 census, Meadville, 4th War, 168/50/56: Lucien Cornil, born April 1851, Bohemia, married 24 years, arr. US 1882, foreman, RR; Mare, born April 1855, France, arr. 1882; Louise M., July 1878, France, arr. 1882; Frank J., born April 1888, PA
Nicaise, Jules
Born 1861, Belgium
Declaration of intent to become a citizen filed 1 March 1888, Crawford Co., PA
Norbert, Gille
Born Feb. 1855, Belgium
Declaration of intent filed, 26 Feb. 1889, Crawford Co., PA
Pettit, Godproid
Glassblower, res. Kerrtown (1886 Meadville city directory)
Picard, Arthur L.
Born 1844, Belgium; died 13 Jan. 1894, Meadville, of pneumonia; bur. St. Brigidís Cem.
County death records indicate died at residence, 453 Poplar St., of consumption, 6 monthsí duration; machinist
Arr. US 10 May 1884
Declaration of intent filed 5 July 1890, Crawford Co., PA
Married to Celina Oesterman, b. ca. 1847/48, died 22 Aug. 1889, in transit from Europe, at New York; bur. St. Brigidís Cemetery
Dau. Stella Celina, b. 12 Aug. 1887, bapt. 31 Aug. 1887, St. Brigidís, godparents Saturnin Picard and Stella Bradley; "Estella" died 7 Feb. 1888, in 6th month, bur. St. Brigidís Cem.
Married second, Ellen Kinney
Dau. Margaret Anna, born 13 May 1891
Dau. Celina Maria, born 20 Sept. 1892
Prevot, Louis
Glassblower, res. Mercer Pike, Kerrtown (1886 Meadville city directory)
Richards, Julian
Glassblower, res. Park Avenue, near glass works (1886 Meadville city directory)
Richlie, Augustus J.
Glassblower, res. Alden Block (1886 Meadville city directory)
Res. (no street), 3rd ward, Meadville, 1884 assessment
Res. 1264 Park Ave., 3rd ward, 1885 assessment
Crawford County Marriage License 1:453, Augustus J. Richaler, glassblower, age 24 years, 3 months, 15 days (born ca. 1862), married 14 Dec. 1886, at Meadville, by Justice Wenz, Fravior Brodas, age 16 years, with consent of Turef Brodas (names are probably badly spelled)
Richelet, Jean Baptiste
Born 1860, Belgium
Declaration of intent filed 17 Oct. 1883, Crawford Co., PA
Res. (no street), 3rd ward, 1884 assessment
"John B. Rishley" of Meadville married Miss Augustine Jacquard of Frenchtown, 22 Jan. 1884, at St. Hippolyteís, Frenchtown (Crawford Journal, Meadville, PA, 25 Jan. 1884)
Daughter born 20 June 1885; res. Market St., occup. Helper (Meadville city birth records)
Baptism on 19 July 1885 at St. Hippolyteís, Marie Eugenia Rushalet, born 20 June 1885; godparents Alexis and Marie Jacquard
Jeanne Richelet, dau. of John and Augustine Richelet, of Frenchtown, married 22 June 1911, at St. Brigidís, William Meacham of Meadville, son of Marion and Jeannie Meacham
Augustine Richelet, buried St. Hippolyteís Cemetery, Frenchtown, PA (1860-1921)
1900 census, Randolph Twp., Crawford Co., PA: 11/11 Gust Jackard, head of household, Jennie Richler, granddaughter, born June 1885, Pa., father Belgian, mother born PA
Brother-in-law of Alexandre Leroy (Meadville Tribune-Republican, 29 Sept. 1886)
Sandras, Victor Joseph
Born 1856, Belgium
Arr. US 1 Sept. 1884
Declaration of intent to become a citizen filed 10 Feb. 1890, Crawford Co., Pa.; signed "Victor F. Sandras"
1900 census, Wayne Twp., Crawford Co., PA: 111/113 Joseph Sandras, age 44, born Jan. 1856, Belgium, arr. US 1885, single, farmer
Schmidt, Ernest
Glassblower, possibly Belgian
Wife Julia Magesque
Son "Olaf" born 9 March 1885, bapt. 11 Aug. 1885, St. Brigidís; sponsor Zoë Louseaux,; died 12 Aug. 1885, bur. St. Brigid Cemetery among paupers (Crawford Journal, 21 Aug. 1885)
Mrs. Ernest Schmidt, wife of glassblower, complained before Justice Wenz of being beaten by husband. No witnesses, open case (Crawford Journal, 24 July 1885)
Schmitz, Arthur
Godfather for Tiberana Guignet, bapt. 11 Aug. 1886, St. Brigidís
See also Arthur Schmidt, res. 1900 Alexandria City, Indiana, b. Jan. 1850, Belgium, arr. US 1880, saloonkeeper (#416/473)
Scohy, Jean Remy
Wife Pauline Franq
Son Ulysses Bernard b. 24 Sept. 1885, bapt. 11 Oct. 1885, St. Brigidís; godparents Richard Fidele and Josephine Franq. Married 21 July 1909, St. Maryís Church, Alexandria, Ind., Mary E. Schmall
Slowe, August
Glassblower, res. Alden Block (1886 Meadville city directory)
Smith, Alexandre
Glassblower, res. West St.
Son born 9 March 1885 (Meadville city birth records)
See also 1900 census, Monroe, Orestes town, Indiana,46/51: Alexandre Schmidt, born Sept. 1866, Belgium, married 2 years, arr. 1880, grocer; Mary, born April 1866, Belgium, arr. 1891, 1 child; Jennie, stepdaughter, born April 1892, PA, of Belgian parents; Adolph, father, born June 1832, Belgium, arr. 1879, married 45 years; Anges (sic), mother, born Sept. 1831, 6 children, 3 living, arr. 1880
Smoos, Epoletta/Ipolite (probably Hippolyte)
Glass factory, res. near freight house (1886 Meadville city directory)
1274 W. Alley, 4th ward, 1886 assessment
Smoos/Smots, Victor
Godfather for Rene Houze, bapt. 6 June 1886, St. Brigidís
Son Victor born 22 May 1888 at Kerrtown, to Victor Smots, glassblower, and wife (unnamed) (Meadville city birth records)
Staff, Jules
Born ca. 1842, Belgium
Wife Marcellin Gachassaint, born France
Daughter Leona born 3 Oct. 1882, bapt. 15 Oct. 1883, St. Brigidís; "Louise", born 2 Oct. 1882, died 30 Jan. 1884, heart disease; bur. Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, Lot 65, sec. 5
Son Jules born ca. 1874, married 24 June 1914, St. Brigidís, Mary Campbell, dau. of Duncan and Mary Campbell
Mr. Jules Staff, Market St., merchant tailor, father of an 11 lb. baby girl, 16 Oct. 1884 (Meadville Tribune-Republican, 17 Oct. 1884)
Died 10 March 1911, Fredericksburg, age 69, tailor; survivors include wife, three sons Ė Dr. Gambetta F. and Jules of Meadville, and Benjamin of Tonganoxie, Kansas Ė and two daughters Misses Clementine and Celina of Meadville; also three brothers and two sisters in Brussels (Meadville Tribune-Republican, 11 March 1911)
Sterck, Josephine
Born December 1835, Belgium
Married ca. 1859, Jean Baptiste Wery
Arr. US 1885
Twelve children, four living in 1900
Sturboy (Esterbois?), Joseph
Glass works
Res. Mercer Pike, Kerrtown (1886 Meadville city directory)
Thibaut, Zenon
Born 1860, Belgium
Arr. US 1 Jan. 1885
Declaration of intent filed 26 Sept. 1887, Crawford Co., PA
Crawford Co. marriage license 1:47, Zenon Thibaut, residing Vernon Twp., married 3 Dec. 1885, Clara Stolz/Stoltes, born ca. 1861
Dau. Alice (of Kerrtown, non-Catholic), married Harry Clifford of Meadville, 19 June 1911 at St. Brigidís; son of Theodore and Ellen Clifford
Tonelier/Tonelliere, Leontina
Wife of Leopold Viesle
Toussant/Toussaint, Louis
Glassblower, res. South Water (1886 Meadville city directory)
Married 22 Nov. 1884, Meadville, by Justice Wenz, Julia Houze (Crawford Journal, 28 Nov. 1884); second version, married by Squire Pentz, at home of Louis Houze, lower Park Avenue. Louis "lately arrived from Belgium," had to have Leopold Mominbourg act at interpreter
Dau. Ida, born 7 Nov. 1885; bapt. 17 July 1887, St. Brigidís; godmother Marie Waterlot
Dau. Bertha, born 7 Nov. 1886, bapt. 17 July 1887, St. Brigidís, godmother Adelia Houze
Res. 1130 West St., 4th Ward, Meadville, 1885 assessment (Loui Thousin)
Viesle, Leopold
Res. 1284 South Alley, 4th ward, Meadville, 1885 assessment
Wife Leontina Tonelier
Dau. Anna Eva, born 12 Sept. 1889, bapt. St. Agathaís, Meadville, 20 April 1890; godmother Anna Eva Schmitt
Godparents for Marcellus Henry Lefevre, bapt. 20 April 1890, at St. Agathaís
Vieslet, Horace
"of" Mead Township, Crawford Co., PA
born 1860, Belgium
declaration of intent filed, 13 Feb. 1890, Crawford Co., PA
see 1900 census, Lafayette Twp., Madison Co., IN: 411/414 Horace Vieslet, born Aug. 1859, Belgium, age 40, married 15 years, flattener, glass factory; Philomene, born Feb. 1864, age 36, Belgium, 1 child; Blanche, daughter, born Nov. 1885, New Jersey, age 14
Waterlot, Maria
Godmother for Ida Toussaint, bapt. 17 July 1887, St. Brigidís
Wery, Jean Baptiste
Born April 1835, Belgium
Declaration of intent to become a citizen filed 1 June 1885, Crawford Co., PA
Married ca. 1859, Josephine Sterk
Arr. US 1884
Res. 291 Linden St., Meadville, glassblower (1886 city directory)
Served as godparents for Leone Wery, child of Jean Baptiste Wery Jr. and Annie Aube, 16 Jan. 1887
Daughter Julie, age 13, assaulted by Leon Andre. Julie born ca. 1873, regularly took dinner to Leon at glassworks;; whole workforce went looking, found them together.
Was she shielding herself at expense of friend? (Meadville Tribune-Republican, 21 July 1886)
See 1900 census, Orestes town, Madison Co., IN: 77/83, John Wery, born April 1835, Belgium, married 41 years, arr. US 1884; Josephen, wife, born Dec. 1835, Belgium, 12 children, 4 living; arr. US 1885
Wery, Jean Baptiste Jr.
Res. 291 Linden St., Meadville, PA (1886 city directory)
Wife Anne Aube, married by 1886
Child Leone born 19 Dec. 1886, bapt. 16 Jan. 1887, St. Brigidís, godparents Jean Baptiste Wery and Josephine Sterck
See 1900 census, Albany, 4th Ward, Delaware Twp., Delaware Co., IN: 172/191: John Wery, born Aug. 1859, Belgium, arr. 1884, window glassblower, married 17 years; Agnes, born March 1862, Belgium, arr. 1884; 6 children, 5 living; Eva G. H., b. Oct. 1882, Belgium, arr. 1884; Ida M., b.Nov. 1889, IN; Lea C., b. April 1891, Ohio; Ina J. V., b. Nov. 1893, IN; John M. F., b. Sept. 1898, IN
Willaux, Gustave
Res. Mercer Pike, Kerrtown (1886 Meadville city directory)

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