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Genealogy Page ... Alphabetical
Genealogy p1 [Cemeteries, Genealogy, Listservs (Mail Lists), Lookups, News Groups]
Genealogy p2 [Naming Patterns, Surname Research, Time Periods]
Genealogy - How-To & Lessons Page
General Page
Geographics Page
Lost and Found Page
Military Page [International]
Missing Persons Page
Passengers & Ships Page
References Page
Religion Page

Link - Beginner Genealogy Bookmark Sites by Paynter
Link - Bookmark Sites ~ General Genealogy by Paynter

Link - Collection Finder by American Memory
~ Choose a category that most closely matches your interests.

Link - Firstmom's Genealogy Resources and Records

Medical : Physicians [doctors]
Link - AMA $Research Requests$ ~ Deceased American Physicians [doctors]

Link - Genealogy Surname Research Links
Link - GenExchange (Genealogy Exchange Surname Registry)
Link - Surname Distribution ~ Key in Surname & Select the Year

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Occupations-Colonial-USA Page
Link - NE Orphan Trains

Link - States Postal System ~ Philatelic Bibliopole
Link - Presidents, U.S. ~ Genealogy of the
Link - U.S. Presidential Ancestor Tables
Link - Probate Genealogy

Link - Railroad History Database Project
Link - Railroad Retirement Board


Link - Resource List - Links to Records and Information Management (RIM) and other related websites.
A Service of the Rio Grande Chapter of ARMA [Association of Records Managers and Administrators]
3275 links in 219 categories

Link - Archives & Special Collections ~ University of Baltimore [Maryland]
Link - Index ~ Riverboats, Steamboats, Sternwheelers, Sidewheelers, Boat and Captain Directories,
Boat Owners and Steamboat Companies

Reunions ~ Missing Persons Page

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Link - School Records currently available for research ~ select a STATE ~ I Dream of Genealogy

Link - United States Genealogy Easy Index to the States

Link - All 50 American States Home Pages
Link - Everton's Sources of Genealogical Information in the U.S.A. (and in its states and territories)
New England
Link - New England Genealogy by Ray Brown
Link - New England Historic Genealogical Society
Link - Research Network, The
Link - States Links
Link - StateGenSites
Link - United States Genealogy Easy Index
Link - U.S.A. Genealogical Reference Links
Link - USGenealogy
Link - Academic Info ~ The American West ~ An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
Link - Where in the United States is it?

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Link - New England ~ First Settlers of New England ~ Before May 1692 Genealogical Dictionary
~ large database
Link - New England ~ Mayflower Passengers
Link - Presidents, Trivia, Statistics, Wars, State pages, Constitution, Statistics ~ USA History


Link - American Local History Network
Link - American History on the Web
Link - American Colonist's Library, The ~ A Treasury of Primary Documents
Pertaining to Early American History
Link - 1600's Ancestor Data Base at RootsWeb
Link - American Plantations & Colonies ~ Genealogy - Families, Ships & Settlements
Link - Ancestors ~ 1600s Ancestors Data Base
Link - Ancestors ~ 1600s & Honor Roll Honor ~ First Families, America's
Link - Chronology of U.S. Historical Documents, A
Link - First Families, America's ~ Fraudulent Lineages


Link - Arrival of the Black Loyalists
Link - The Online Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies ~ "The site is broken down into several major
areas: History, Military, Genealogy, Reenacting and Miscellaneous. Among the original information to
be found is a complete listing of all known Loyalist units that existed between 1775 and 1784, and a
chronological list of battles and engagements during the war, along with the Loyalist units that took
part in each. There are hundreds of transcribed documents, including courts martials, muster rolls,
orderly books, regimental correspondence, deserter descriptions, battle reports, newspaper accounts,
songs, poems, memorials, land grant petitions, intelligence reports, clothing returns, church records,
Black Loyalist materials, proclamations, recruiting notices, Rebel accounts of Loyalists, distributions,
and women's documents. Our on-line research address book provides addresses, hours of operation,
phone numbers and website links to the major research centers for Loyalist manuscript materials and
genealogies and will be expanded in the future to include additional repositories, churches,
organizations and societies of interest to Loyalist researchers. In the Reenacting section you will be
able to learn about Living History and the groups that portray the Loyalists today, see photos of the
groups and of past events, and find out how to get in touch with the group of your choice. Plus much,
much more." Loyalist Web Site Grand Opening by Nan Cole & Todd Braisted per message of Sun,
6 Feb 2000 to [], from: E-Mail
Link - Loyalist Regiments ~ Olive Tree

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Link - American Migrations Web Site ~ names and migrations of individuals and groups.
Visitors can browse the database and/or submit records.
Link - For a more comprehensive list of links see the 12/03/1998 Ancestry Daily News article,
"Go West, Young Man" (Note: This article is over a year old and some of the Web sites may have
new addresses or may be no longer available.)
Link - Migrations Project
Link - Great Pennsylvania Wagon Road, The/ Old Wagon Road, The
Link - Overland Trail, The

Oregon Trail

Link - Applegate Trail Interpretative Center
Link - Oregon-California Trails Association, National Frontier Trails Center
318 W. Pacific (location), Postal: P.O. Box 1019 (mail), Independence, MO 64051-0519
Tel: 816-252-2276, Fax: 816-836-0989, E-mail
Link - Historic Independence, Missouri ~ Click on the covered wagon with moving wheels at the bottom
that says 'continue on the trail?' to take you along to another portion of the journey, plus a map.
Link - Trail Maps

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Link - American-Canadian Genealogical Society

Link - Orphan Train Heritage Society of America, Inc.

Link - Fraternal Organizations ~ American Local History Network, the
Link - Fraternal Organizations ~ Black

Link - Huguenot Historical Society ~ New Paltz, New York

Link - Museums in the USA ~ WWW Virtual Library

Link - National Society Descendants of Early Quakers
Link - New England Historic Genealogical Society
Link - Newberry Library's Friends of Genealogy

USIGS (United States Internet Genealogical Society, The)
Link - USIGS
Link - Newsletter Index ~ The Signal

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Link - Roots-L Resources

Link - RootsWeb Link Registry - SEARCH ~ Bible Records, Biographies, Books, Cemeteries, Censuses,
Church Records, City Directories, Court Documents, Deeds, Descendant/Pedigree Charts, Ethnic Groups,
Family Association/Newsletters, Fraternal Organizations, Gedcom(s), Genealogical How-To's,
Genealogical Societies, Government Resources, Guardianships, Historical Overviews, Locators/Maps,
Marriages, Military Records, Naturalization/Citizenship, Newspapers, Obituaries, Pensions, Probates,
Professional/Occupational Records, Regional Genealogy (Country, State, County, etc.), School Records,
Ship Passenger Lists, Software, Surname (ex: "Smith Pages"), Surname Registry, Tax Lists,
Vital Statistics (BMD), Wills, Misc.

Link - RootsWeb Web Sites

Link - USGenWeb Archives
Link - USGenWeb Archives Census Project - Census Images
Link - USGenWeb Lineage Researcher Pages
Link - USGenWeb Project Home Page
Link - GenExchange & Surname Registry
Link - GenForum

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Link - County Resources ~ SELECT a State for State or County Index

Link - TOWN/COUNTY DATABASE ~ Find-a-County Interactive SEARCH

Mid-Atlantic Roots Network
Link - Mid-Atlantic Roots Network~ Regional, SEARCH, State Pages, General, Switchboard

RootsWeb Site
Link - GenSeeker - RootsWeb Site SEARCH

SEARCH Engines
Link - RootsWeb SEARCH Engines

USGenWeb Archives
Link - US GenWeb ~ Primary Records at RootsWeb USGenWeb Archives include:
Search Files by State, National Search Engine, Online Census Images, USGW Archives,
Census Project, USGW Archives Pension Project, USGW Archives Map Project,
WorldGenWeb Archives

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