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Link - ABAA Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America
Link - Add All Book Find
Link - Antique Books
Link - Bibliofind
Link - BookFinder ~ Search Engine to find new, used, rare, and out of print
Link -
Link - Link List ~ Genealogy Booksellers ~ Margaret Olson's
Link - Picton Press ~ genealogical and historical publishing company specializing in 17th,18th,
and 19th century material

Link - Proxis ~ Belgian E-Shop ~ Multi-Country
Link - V.Z.W.Geschiedkundige Heruitgeverij ~ focusing on the province of East-Flanders
(Belgium) in general and on its capital city Ghent specially. Some of the books that we have
re-edited are important for the whole of Flanders.

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Link - Magazines & Newspapers
Link - NAA Hotlinks to Newspapers Online
Link - Free online magazine


Link - Telephone Directories on the Web ~ N. America & Caribbean, Europe, Asia & Middle East,
South & Central America, Africa, Australia & Pacific, More Resources
Link - Phone Directories & Thesaurus ~ Phonebook Tools ~ Freeality Online Thesaurus
Link - Phonebook Tools ~ Reverse Lookup, E-Mail, Resources

Link - AltaVista
Link - Bigfoot
Link - Four11 White Pages ~ E-Mail or Web page
Link - Hospital
Link - InfoPlease
Link - Internet @ Address Finder
Link - Reverse ~ reversephonedirectory
Link - Reverse Lookup ~ InfoSpace
Link - Switchboard
Link - WhoWhere
Link - Yahoo
Link -

Link - International Mailing Address Formats and Other International Mailing Information
~ BitBoost Systems
Link - Zip and Postal Codes, The World's
Link - Zip Codes and [Country] Postal Codes of the World
Link - The Global Source-Book for Address Data Management
Link - Links to Postal Code Pages


Link - Postal Codes

Belgium Area
Link - AdValas ~ E-Mail, Etc.
Link - Belgium Telephone & Address Listings ~ ~ SEARCH free

Link - Canada411 ~ provinces of Alberta & Saskatchewan not included
Link - Alberta & B C ~ Telus
Link - Postal Codes
Link - Toll-Free Numbers

Link - Postal Codes

Link - E-Mail Directory ~ E-SEARCH
Link - Phone Directory ~ Golden Pages

Link - KPN Telecom Homepage
Link - KPN - De Telefoongids

New Zealand
Link - Yellow Pages ~ Phone Directory
Link - White Pages ~ Phone Directory

United Kingdom
Link - Phone Directory
Link - PhoneNetUK ~ white pages, including Northern Ireland
Link - Postcode SEARCH ~ all Addresses in U.K. ~ 20 free LOOKUPS
Link - Postcodes or Address Finder On-line ~ Royal Mail

United States
Link - U.S.P.S. (United States Postal Service)

Link - ~ A Site for Seniors and their Caregivers ~ Free public service Web site for people caring for their elderly parents. Information about housing options, long-term care choices, legal issues, senior care-giving, and more

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Link - Bookmarks Page by Ivan Sanders ~ Also are Downloadable

Link - Collection Finder: American Memory from the Library of Congresss
Link - DataCrawl Genealogy Search Engine

Link - FTP File Downloads ~ FTP Search by Lycos' Fast Search

Link - High School Alumni

Link - Research-It ~ simple forms to help with Internet searches on a wide variety of topics

Link - Virtual Internet Guide - An Excellent introduction to the Web..., Chat Rooms and Windows95.
It offers guides to acquaint surfers to all avenues on the Internet and World Wide Web.

Link - Bob Gotee's Information & Link Page
Link - Internet Address Finder
Link - Web's Main Entrance 3
Link - Web Directory ~


Search : Engines

Link - AllTheWeb
Link - Beaucoup
Link -

Link - Collection Finder by American Memory ~
Choose a category that most closely matches your interests.
Link - Direct Search for what you couldn't find elsewhere
Link - Explorer Online gathers internet information together on specific subjects
~ Search Engines, Titanic, Genealogy, ....
Link - Karnak ~ registration required ~ Fee(s) charged above one search. ~ "Karnak can
excavate the Web for all its knowledge resources. Inside, you'll construct your own personal
library. We'll help you form the most effective query possible, then constantly add results
while you're offline. Your findings are stored on our server, so you can access them from
anywhere. You'll even receive regular email updates as we add to your library. Stop sifting
through heaps of dead links and irrelevant pages: Get a constant flow of refined information
with Karnak."

Link - EZSearch~ over 50 Engines
Link - ~ "Special Interest" Search Engines
Link -
Link - ~ All the Web, All the Time
Link - IxQuick
Link - Matchsite
Link - Meta Index ~ Worldwide Search Engines
Link - Metacrawler
Link - Northernlight
Link - Research-It
Link - Ruby Glen ~ Hobby, Family and Home Search Engine
Link - Searchalot
Link - SearchEnginesGalore
Link - Strategies
Link - W3 Search Engines
~ "This documents collects some of the most useful search engines available on the WWW"
Link - WebInfo

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Subscription Instructions ~ hosted by RootsWeb.

It includes flooding, mudslides, earthquakes and all natural disasters, AND when inclement weather strikes, members post updates from their regions. The list also functions as an emergency relay system for those who may not be able to get a message out by phone (encountering a busy signal, etc.) but can send an email. Volunteers on the list agree to relay messages and not request reimbursement if a long distance call is involved. We have members around the US, Canada, Australia and other countries.


Link - USA ... APB Data Center: Crime Statistics ~ includes legal and police info

Link - Captain Dave's Survival Center and Preparedness Resource

Link - Data Sources ~ National Earthquake Information Center

Link - USA ... Wildland Fire Page ~ National Wildland Fire News
Link - USA ... Incident Management Situation Report ~ Daily updates

Storms : USA & Canada
Link - Atlantic Tropical Weather Center (ATWC)

Link - USA ... Lowe's Storm99 Hurricane Central
Link - USA ... NHC ~ National Hurricane Center's Tropical Prediction Center
Link - USA ... Variety of Links at Emergency Relay System

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